View Full Version : Rough outlines

June 15th, 2005, 03:05 PM
Hi everybody!

This project is very new indeed. I have made some drafts about what I would like to see happen in UW. This is not the entire text, just some highlights:

* First of all, I would like to see UW as a starting point for women (newbies?). Meaning, joining a linux forum can be overwhelming at best. I would like to create a place where women can ask questions without feeling 'weird/retarded/outofplace'.

* UW is not meant to be a seperate stream, like Debian Women. Our goal is to get women to feel comfortable enough after a while to join the rest (fill in the blanks).

* I have read several ideas people had for UW, such as making women based themes and such. Though I am not against it, it is not something I was planning on including in my part of the project. This doesn't mean that anyone that feels the urge to do so can't.

* I would also like to start some sort of thread for especially for women software and or links. This could be anything. From mailing lists to banners.

* Lastly, it would be nice if there is a thread where women can talk about their linux experience.

Again, these are my ideas (roughly and not complete) I would like to realize on my part for this project. As soon as my blasted e-mail server is working I shall send my complete draft to the others for them to review it.

Any input is welcome from anyone :)