View Full Version : Your favourite blogs on planet ubuntu (or debian) feed?

April 14th, 2007, 03:15 PM
Subscribing to planet rss-feeds for ubuntu and debian sometimes yields more than I can handle. Instead of finding interesting news, I mark them as read, because they drown in information about weather and pets and stuff.

I'm thinking of getting separate feeds for some blogs and would like to hear what favourites other people have.

I'm mainly interested in politics, howtos and news of development. Therefore I like the following blogs, for example:
Mako (http://mako.cc/copyrighteous/), Daniel Silverstone (http://blog.digital-scurf.org/), MacSlow (http://macslow.thepimp.net/), Pete Savage (http://www.progbox.co.uk/wordpress/) ...

How about you?