View Full Version : Nimbus Look & Feel for Swing

April 5th, 2007, 02:53 PM
I just discovered a new official cross-platform Java Swing look&feel in the works, named Nimbus:
http://galbraiths.org/blog/2007/03/13/update-on-nimbus/ (one of the project devs)
http://www.jasperpotts.com/blog/category/nimbus/ (collection of Nimbus-related topics)
http://nimbus.dev.java.net/ (official project site)

It's based on the GTK+ theme for Sun Java Desktop. Work has recently started in creating a Swing implementation of it, with the hope of making it the default Swing L&F for future Java releases.

At the moment, it is in early-alpha stage. But judging by the screenshots, and the Nimbus SwingSet2 Demo (click here for Java Webstart link) (http://javadesktop.org/swinglabs/demos/nimbus/nimbus.jnlp), it's looking pretty good already. There are some polish issues, some widgets are incomplete, and it lags a little more than the current L&F, but remember it's only early-alpha.

Definitely a massive improvement over the horrible Metal/Ocean L&F in terms of aesthetics.