View Full Version : A few notes for tonight (OFFICIAL MEETING)

April 4th, 2007, 06:29 PM
Hi everyone! I'm sad to say I wont be able to attend tonight's meeting, since I've been drafted by work to do an all night shift to strip and re-wax our floors. However, there are a couple of points that I wanted to mention for tonight's meeting.

Ubuntu Ohio HR / Recruiting

Okay, so the words Human Resources are never really a positive thing, but I feel some similar effort may help. Our team is continuing to grow at a decent rate (we are over 110 members now). The one thing that does concern me, is that there has only been a slight increase in activity, and we don't seem to be pulling in many new members into sub-teams or projects, or even to the meetings or mailing list discussions. One idea may be that once a member joins, we can send them an email asking them their likes, dislikes, whatever, and suggest a project or team they might enjoy working on. Another idea may be to try and contact members that are currently on the team who we have not seen, maybe by email again.

Upstream Ubuntu Teams / Projects

I'm not sure if the term "upstream" has ever been used for teams before. I know many of our teams are still in their fledgling stages, and some may be looking for projects to work on. One idea may be to have our local teams contribute to various upstream projects. For example, the communication team might be able to help produce content for the new Full Circle mag being developed by the Ubuntu Marketing team (by maybe writing an article about LoCo's, or doing a behind the scenes for Ubuntu Ohio on the different groups, the future hopes, the people in the team, whatever a person decides). Then Ubuntu Ohio's loco marketing team can help spread the magazine around Ohio, maybe to new converts or having local computer shops offer it. Also the Education Team might be able to port guides and how-to's to the magazine, either gathered or created (remember, must be CC-licensed as both the Education Team materials and the Full Circle mag is CC).

Spreading Thin

This is a lighter concern, but may affect the overall health of our members ;) A lot of us are very active in both our personal life and in several projects for Ubuntu. I just want to remind everyone that you dont need to be superman for Ubuntu! The last thing I want to see is someone burning out, so dont forget to take some time for yourself. If you feel you are spread too thin among several different projects, dont be afraid to consolidate yourself to one or two projects to focus on. Dont worry, no one will be offended.