View Full Version : Drum solo for Ubuntu

April 4th, 2007, 10:49 AM
Windows starts up with a cheerful little sound. Instead of something similar.
Ubuntu could have something different, something own. Maybe a drum solo?

April 4th, 2007, 11:11 AM
Ubuntu has it's own startup sound.
I even think it's quite nice, but maybe a little too long.
I haven't tried Feisty, maybe they changed it?

April 4th, 2007, 11:14 AM
Something that sounds like 1000 drums are playing together?
Then you can't use Ubuntu on your laptop in a library anymore!

April 4th, 2007, 11:44 AM
Laptops in the library are annoying. Klicking on your mouses and tapping your keyboards. You should atleast mute your speakers.

April 4th, 2007, 12:07 PM
for a short while, i had kde start up with a sudden scream. it got old fast.

April 4th, 2007, 04:38 PM
Startup sounds are completely pointless, useless, and annoying and shouldn't be set by default in any operating system.