View Full Version : Wish-list for Ubuntu 7.10 and following

April 4th, 2007, 07:31 AM
Dear Ubuntu users,
I recently started a new project, called u-sketch, where people can freely talk about aspects that they like and that they don't like in Ubuntu and the goal is to create a wish-list, which we are then going to send to the responsable programmers.
The revolutionary system in the page is the LanguageMerge technology, which I am currently testing - it allows you to post in your native language and I am going to translate a brief description of your suggestions and ideas.

We still need lots of suggestions to put on the list, so please tell us yours.


Thanks for your help,


P.S: I am trying to provide the site with a CGI form as soon as possible, so if you'd like to post your idea but are not comfortable with me having your e-mail, please wait another week and it'll be fixed.