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March 29th, 2007, 12:26 AM

just watch the video


UPDATE: I was reading digg some more and I just found out it wasn't compiz or xgl, so if you have a 3d card you should be able to use this

March 29th, 2007, 02:54 AM
I seen the article on digg as well. Do you have any idea how to install it so that I can give it a test drive. I'm not very familiar with linux yet but I'm interested in this lowfat because the video looks awesome.

March 29th, 2007, 03:06 AM

I believe thats his web site, I think you have to compile it :(

March 29th, 2007, 03:29 AM
That's kind cool.
Come on it's not THAT scary ;)

March 29th, 2007, 12:13 PM
so no chance of a .deb file?

March 29th, 2007, 12:18 PM
Lowfat is out????
Have to go check this out....

March 29th, 2007, 12:42 PM
That video is from september and if lowfat was out I'm sure macslow would release a deb afaik he uses ubuntu

March 29th, 2007, 12:43 PM
...apparently not :(

the README says this:

lowfat is far from done. So do not package it or something similar. It would imply to end-users that it is a "finished product", which it is not yet... by far not.
So for the sake of lowfat's reputation, please do not package it yet. It's only for developers atm.

March 29th, 2007, 09:47 PM
I found directions for how to install (below). When I run it though I get stuck (either at configure or make). I will have to give the error output when I get home.


I have lowfat and it is indeed awesome!
Here is how to get it! Install gitweb and then do a:
git clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~macslow/lowfat
A folder called lowfat will be created in your homefolder containing all needed files to compile it.
Open a terminal cd to the directory and type: ./autogen.sh then ./configure then make and sudo make install.
After that type lowfat and be happy.
Danke Mirco.

March 29th, 2007, 10:29 PM
Ok - so I get it working - but it doesn't seem able to do very much at the moment...

BTW: It depends on automake autoconf and libtools

March 29th, 2007, 10:53 PM
thanks for the link Oen386

March 29th, 2007, 11:01 PM
Ok - so I get it working - but it doesn't seem able to do very much at the moment...

Yeah. If it did anything I'd build a deb, but its not worth the effort. The video says it all, really. Cool-looking, but not useful yet.

October 30th, 2007, 10:59 AM
Anyone got an update on this?

Because the author gave a talk at FossCamp


on his blog he has stated that he is in some sort of partnership with Canonical