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March 19th, 2007, 08:00 AM
Wow, this is just so exquisite:


Yeah, it's just what it looks like: One of those horrendously loud canned-air boat horns (like they use to signal the end of sports events), only using a refillable .5L bottle and with a space-saving folded trumpet. You can pump it back up to 80-100PSI with your Schrader-valve bike pump and you're set for a few more weeks or months of knocking idiots back into consciousness.

Got one yesterday and installed it today. I went out for a spin (summer having come a few months early this year here) looking for an appropriate victim. None appeared so I just "let one off" in the park. MAN! It was so loud that I heard no less than four discrete echo events in the far distance. They claim 115dB and I think that's probably for real.

So, if you're tired of screaming yourself hoarse at imbeciles on cellphones cutting you off in intersections, this is for you. One blast will result in a dropped cellphone and spontaneously voided bowel and/or bladder.

$18 from Amazon.Com.

March 19th, 2007, 08:09 AM
But whats the point??????????????

March 19th, 2007, 08:26 AM
Well... I'd go for one of those. Then I wouldn't have to wear my safety shoes while riding my bike (they're used for banging the sides of cars that try to run me over in rundabouts and stuff like that), and I could propably save my monthly trip to the hospital :)

March 19th, 2007, 09:11 AM
This sounds kinda dangerous. Kids filling plastic bottles filled with more air pressure than the tires under your car.

I immediately think of grade 9 and our popbottle rockets.
Structural defects (such as nicks and or shallow cuts) will result in the bottle exploding rather harshly with a chance of shrapnel.

I'd like to see what manufacturing standards and quality assurance the bottles must go through, if any.

March 19th, 2007, 09:38 AM
I think it's great :)

March 19th, 2007, 12:32 PM
GRRRR... Roundabouts... the bane of drivers everywhere. Just put in a freakin stop light and tell people to get used to it.

March 19th, 2007, 09:32 PM
GRRRR... Roundabouts... the bane of drivers everywhere. Just put in a freakin stop light and tell people to get used to it.
I think DOT has effectively outlawed them in the US if federal money is involved.

Alexei Sayle used to have a pretty funny bit about them.

I can't imagine one on a bike, even with a good horn.

March 19th, 2007, 10:28 PM
man I would love these on my bike . . . I dont know how many times I've been hit by people driving their cars whilst chatting on a cell phone. As for roundabouts, I am thankful the U.S. has next to none. The only one I know of is at Wastern , er, I mean Western Michigan University's campus, and it is very dangerous (more because of the drunk frat guys walking back to the dorm rooms)

March 20th, 2007, 02:23 AM
man I would love these on my bike . . .
I should have provided a link.

Here. (http://www.amazon.com/Delta-Airzound-Bike-Horn/dp/B000ACAMJC/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/002-2653099-2872028?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1174353079&sr=8-1)

Note that if you add something else to get to $25, you get free shipping...otherwise shipping would bring it up to about $23 anyway.

Also, if you're really skint, dig up all the pennies and other stray coins you have all over the house and take them to the CoinStar machine in your neighborhood and you get 100% value for them in an Amazon.Com credit (http://coinstar.com/us/WebDocs/A1-0-3-1).

March 20th, 2007, 10:34 AM
We have over 30 roundabouts in the local Kansas City area... and they are expanding like mad. In one area, there are at least five within three city blocks. It's BS I tell you.