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March 18th, 2007, 04:44 AM
Anyone have it? I'd like to upload it to the wiki. Thanks!

March 18th, 2007, 05:06 PM
Mar 14 20:01:14 <meatballhat> so what's the happs, everyone?
Mar 14 20:01:36 <theidiotthatisme> Howdy meatballhat
Mar 14 20:01:42 <theidiotthatisme> Was wondering where everyone was at :-P
Mar 14 20:01:45 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: why hallo :)
Mar 14 20:01:48 <bonbonthejon> hello
Mar 14 20:02:03 <meatballhat> methinks Vorian is workin' or watchin' the kiddies
Mar 14 20:02:15 <jacobmp92> probably
Mar 14 20:02:34 <jacobmp92> we don't have too much to do though, but theidiotthatisme had a topic
Mar 14 20:02:43 <meatballhat> tonight's "informal" so does anybody want to rant about this whole Dell survey thing?
Mar 14 20:02:57 <jacobmp92> dell survey or dell ideastorm?
Mar 14 20:03:00 <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: Nope, already done that enough on OSnews and watched others blog about it
Mar 14 20:03:04 <meatballhat> heehee
Mar 14 20:03:10 <meatballhat> jacobmp92: both
Mar 14 20:03:11 <meatballhat> :)
Mar 14 20:03:14 <jacobmp92> heh
Mar 14 20:03:18 <jacobmp92> they did a crappy job
Mar 14 20:03:36 <jacobmp92> no offense to anyone affiliated with dell :)
Mar 14 20:03:45 <theidiotthatisme> Besides the fact that Ubuntu is one of the only that is both community and commercially supported for the same distro >.>
Mar 14 20:03:51 <Brady_M> No.
Mar 14 20:03:56 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: shoot! let's talk 'bout your topic :)
Mar 14 20:04:19 <Brady_M> nod true
Mar 14 20:04:23 <theidiotthatisme> jacobmp92: The survey didn't seem like it was a very serious attempt. Look at the HP Website surveys, even those are more in-depth and collective
Mar 14 20:04:33 <jacobmp92> yeah
Mar 14 20:04:39 <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: I wanted to ask you about LoCo news on UWN
Mar 14 20:04:51 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: yes! please ask!
Mar 14 20:05:34 <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: Would it be good sense to ask one of our team members to be responsible in updating any news relating to Ohio LoCo in UWN when we have news?
Mar 14 20:06:02 <theidiotthatisme> For example, the starting of or completion of (implentation) any major projects, or the creation of a new sub-team?
Mar 14 20:06:18 <theidiotthatisme> Or us planning to attend OLF
Mar 14 20:06:24 <bonbonthejon> dumb question, bit what is UWN
Mar 14 20:06:29 <theidiotthatisme> Ubuntu Weekly News
Mar 14 20:06:46 <meatballhat> it's worth having a weekly reminder about, sure - I personally think it would be very good for our Team if at least *one* member would be willing to regularly assist with the UWN as a whole (myself includud)
Mar 14 20:07:24 <meatballhat> the UWN keeps getting dropped because its editors keep getting pulled into other projects
Mar 14 20:07:53 <meatballhat> it's rather silly to call the thing "weekly"
Mar 14 20:07:56 <meatballhat> :P
Mar 14 20:08:15 <meatballhat> more like the Ubuntu Occasional News
Mar 14 20:08:24 <jacobmp92> lol
Mar 14 20:08:47 <theidiotthatisme> lol
Mar 14 20:08:56 <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: How long was it before 31 come out?
Mar 14 20:08:58 <theidiotthatisme> *came out?
Mar 14 20:09:02 * cpradio (n=cpradio@cpe-71-79-249-98.woh.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
Mar 14 20:09:19 <meatballhat> eep ... it's an awful long time between some releases, that's for sure
Mar 14 20:09:38 <meatballhat> the fact that there aren't ubuntu users crying out for the thing to be "released"...
Mar 14 20:09:51 <theidiotthatisme> Is there anybody here (who's not majorly involved with another project or two) who would like to help contribute to UWN? :-)
Mar 14 20:09:56 <meatballhat> tells one that it possibly isn't all that relevant
Mar 14 20:10:49 <meatballhat> let's ask this: does anyone else get their Slashdot News in a daily email, or do y'all just go to the website?
Mar 14 20:11:07 <Brady_M> I read daily
Mar 14 20:11:13 <theidiotthatisme> I dont read slashdot O:-)
Mar 14 20:11:22 <jacobmp92> digg :)
Mar 14 20:11:33 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: or Digg or whatever :P :)
Mar 14 20:11:34 <Brady_M> Linux Journal
Mar 14 20:11:34 <theidiotthatisme> I dont read Digg either
Mar 14 20:11:34 <theidiotthatisme> lol
Mar 14 20:11:35 <meatballhat> heehee
Mar 14 20:11:53 <theidiotthatisme> OSnews, Ubuntu Planet, and LXer
Mar 14 20:12:09 <jacobmp92> hehe
Mar 14 20:12:12 <theidiotthatisme> O:-)
Mar 14 20:12:22 <meatballhat> my point is that *I* like email and IRC ... others like the Forum... still others only ever visit the Planet
Mar 14 20:12:33 <meatballhat> there are a *lot* of outlets
Mar 14 20:12:47 <bonbonthejon> Planet and Slashdot I get thru RSS
Mar 14 20:13:03 <meatballhat> and somehow there are enough users that overlap for the news to spread
Mar 14 20:13:14 <Brady_M> nod, that's true
Mar 14 20:13:16 <jacobmp92> :-P
Mar 14 20:13:23 <meatballhat> ...but nobody wants to write the news down on the Ubuntu wiki :P
Mar 14 20:13:42 <meatballhat> ...or everyone feels like it isn't their place to do so
Mar 14 20:13:43 <jacobmp92> meatballhat: most people don't consider wikis "news places"
Mar 14 20:14:02 <jacobmp92> but that is something that cant be changed.. or can it?
Mar 14 20:14:10 <jacobmp92> ubuntuweeklynews.org....?
Mar 14 20:14:13 <meatballhat> jacobmp92: that's right ... which is why much of the Marketing Team has taken to drafting it in Gobby insead
Mar 14 20:14:17 <meatballhat> *instead
Mar 14 20:14:41 <meatballhat> jacobmp92: this has been discussed in the Marketing Team list ... about making it a standalone site
Mar 14 20:14:51 <theidiotthatisme> Gobby?
Mar 14 20:14:53 <Brady_M> Are you wanting to just post points of interest of ubuntu related news articles?
Mar 14 20:14:53 <jacobmp92> ic
Mar 14 20:15:02 <meatballhat> the thinking is that The Fridge and the Planet are already filling these niches
Mar 14 20:15:12 <jacobmp92> runm n
Mar 14 20:15:12 <Brady_M> yes.
Mar 14 20:15:19 <jacobmp92> sorry, cat on keyboard :)
Mar 14 20:15:20 <meatballhat> Brady_M: it's stickier than that, even ...
Mar 14 20:15:43 <meatballhat> the UWN is roughly half-full with dev-specific factoids
Mar 14 20:15:51 <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: The Fridge was never very impressive to me lol I love the Planet though.
Mar 14 20:16:04 <meatballhat> most of the people who use Ubuntu are *not* developers :)
Mar 14 20:16:10 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: I agree
Mar 14 20:16:13 <theidiotthatisme> Like me :-D
Mar 14 20:16:19 <Brady_M> meatballhat: Yep your right
Mar 14 20:16:23 <meatballhat> the Fridge seems to live up to its namesake
Mar 14 20:16:38 <meatballhat> "yaaay... I got a B+ on my math test"
Mar 14 20:16:46 <jacobmp92> lol
Mar 14 20:16:49 <Brady_M> lol
Mar 14 20:16:53 <meatballhat> better put it on them there Fridge
Mar 14 20:16:57 * bonbonthejon gives meatballhat a sticker
Mar 14 20:17:06 <meatballhat> I'm speeeecial :P
Mar 14 20:17:09 <Brady_M> meatballhat: Gold star
Mar 14 20:17:21 <theidiotthatisme> lol
Mar 14 20:17:29 <meatballhat> what do Ubuntu users want in terms of "news" ??
Mar 14 20:17:39 <meatballhat> Self Validation
Mar 14 20:17:43 <jacobmp92> idk.. thats the problem :-/
Mar 14 20:17:46 <meatballhat> we want propaganda and success stories
Mar 14 20:17:50 <meatballhat> :D
Mar 14 20:17:56 <theidiotthatisme> Fox News!
Mar 14 20:17:58 <theidiotthatisme> :-D
Mar 14 20:18:01 * jgedeon slides meatballhat a tollhouse cookie for a job well done...?.... LOL
Mar 14 20:18:04 <theidiotthatisme> Sorry O:-)
Mar 14 20:18:04 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: soooo true
Mar 14 20:18:24 <meatballhat> jgedeon: WOW .... I didn't know there were gonna be cookies !!??
Mar 14 20:18:41 <meatballhat> this meeting gets better by the second
Mar 14 20:18:43 <Brady_M> meatballhat: Uhm, lesse... What cool programs that can be downloaded. Things that can circumvent a related program on the windows side. many might not know of it.
Mar 14 20:18:44 <jacobmp92> cookies?!
Mar 14 20:18:51 <theidiotthatisme> Should we send a notice on the forums and mailing list about UWN?
Mar 14 20:18:58 <jacobmp92> sure
Mar 14 20:19:17 <meatballhat> anybody else seen the Debian Package of the Day site?
Mar 14 20:19:27 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: that'd be a start :)
Mar 14 20:19:30 <Brady_M> meatballhat: nope. link
Mar 14 20:19:33 <theidiotthatisme> And maybe we should expand UWN (although biweekly or montly would be easier to handle. Weekly provides a tight deadline for real worlders lol)
Mar 14 20:19:33 <jacobmp92> meatballhat: yeah, it actually looks interesting coming from debian :-D
Mar 14 20:20:11 <meatballhat> http://debaday.debian.net/
Mar 14 20:21:05 <Brady_M> I got somthing for tonight
Mar 14 20:21:12 <Brady_M> on https://launchpad.net/~oh-new
Mar 14 20:21:13 <meatballhat> it's a cool idea, for sure ... but the Marketing Team is ever-wary of adding Yet Another site to the list
Mar 14 20:21:42 <meatballhat> anybody besides Vorian on the Forum Staff??
Mar 14 20:21:53 <meatballhat> Brady_M: cool icon :)
Mar 14 20:21:59 <Brady_M> meatballhat: thx
Mar 14 20:22:23 <meatballhat> Brady_M: didn't we elect you the Team Leader?
Mar 14 20:22:50 <theidiotthatisme> Yep, but it looks like the ownership hasn't been switched yet
Mar 14 20:23:02 <Brady_M> Yea, but been hesitent to start making changes on this. I was thinking of bouncing off ideas off people tonight on it before I start making changes
Mar 14 20:23:07 <theidiotthatisme> Technical detail, we'll have to ask Vorian about it when we find him
Mar 14 20:24:10 <Brady_M> I was going to ask tonight, you all agree the New user team should have a focus of thinking a new user is NEw NEW, and not a poweruser correct?
Mar 14 20:24:37 <jacobmp92> Brady_M: yep
Mar 14 20:24:39 <meatballhat> Brady_M: that's *my* thinking for what it's worth :)
Mar 14 20:24:40 <Brady_M> that's my thinking of what the New user team should work on.
Mar 14 20:24:51 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: What all did you have in mind?
Mar 14 20:25:49 <Brady_M> I wanted to cover all the basis on making FAQ's or refering to existing FAQ's that are gui friendly, and are detailed to the T that could help someone very green to the Distro
Mar 14 20:26:18 <Brady_M> The training wheels
Mar 14 20:26:26 <meatballhat> Brady_M: what about putting together HowTo's and such on the Forum and Wiki?
Mar 14 20:26:27 <Brady_M> get them confratable using it.
Mar 14 20:26:40 <meatballhat> these are already pretty well-established methods
Mar 14 20:26:43 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: I have an idea!
Mar 14 20:26:46 <Brady_M> once they feel confratable, they would likley venture out to do more advanced things
Mar 14 20:27:04 <Brady_M> theidiotthatisme: shoot
Mar 14 20:27:25 <Brady_M> meatballhat: right.
Mar 14 20:27:51 <meatballhat> we should definitely invest in bolstering existing efforts whenever possible
Mar 14 20:28:31 <meatballhat> making a whole new (you name it) should be avoided like it be the death
Mar 14 20:28:31 <theidiotthatisme> Booklet content ;)
Mar 14 20:28:42 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: woooohooo!!
Mar 14 20:28:49 <meatballhat> that's what I'm talking about !!!
Mar 14 20:29:04 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme == The Collaboratron
Mar 14 20:29:10 <theidiotthatisme> Joint venture ;) Would be a great first project for the New User Team, and both the marketing and education team can help
Mar 14 20:29:18 <Brady_M> We are Uborg. Yes
Mar 14 20:29:54 <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat and I have discussed pulling content from the Desktop User Guide available online, and adding information on the Windows Programs side of the CD, along with information on getting more help
Mar 14 20:30:13 <theidiotthatisme> Could be done in under a week, and give a boost to the New User and Marketing Team (could finally get the Library deal going)
Mar 14 20:30:54 <theidiotthatisme> I'll continue to work on education resources so we can tell the libraries we'd be interested in holding workshops at the libraries to help further adoption of Ubuntu into the catalog
Mar 14 20:30:55 <meatballhat> there's already plenty of material here: doc.ubuntu.com and here: www.gnome.org
Mar 14 20:31:06 <Brady_M> OK. So do we have an outlet of top common issues (besides Beryl and broadcom, and that seems to being addressed on dev side)
Mar 14 20:31:20 <meatballhat> and here: www.theopencd.org
Mar 14 20:31:55 <meatballhat> Brady_M: much shorter than that, even
Mar 14 20:32:02 <Brady_M> OK. another thing, the booklet a linux/Windows comparitive guide?
Mar 14 20:32:05 <meatballhat> how to boot from CD... and...
Mar 14 20:32:15 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: How aobut: LiveCD, Installation, Software Management (add/remove software, repositories), installing codecs/media, etc.
Mar 14 20:32:16 <meatballhat> how to install FOSS in Windows
Mar 14 20:32:22 <theidiotthatisme> *about
Mar 14 20:33:01 <theidiotthatisme> yes, and how to install FOSS in Windows using the Ubuntu CD ;)
Mar 14 20:33:16 <meatballhat> this first time out should be niiiice and simple ... we're talking 4 pages with 2 sides
Mar 14 20:33:17 <Brady_M> lot of ideas here. can we tacle a top 10 or 20 common questions a new user asks?
Mar 14 20:33:25 <Brady_M> er tackle
Mar 14 20:33:26 <theidiotthatisme> The content is mostly written, and it'd be simple to pull and compile and *integrate* the information
Mar 14 20:33:44 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: The two most common: Media Codecs, and .Exe's
Mar 14 20:33:50 <meatballhat> Brady_M: that's good to know (the top 10 or 20) but it's waaay too much information for this little booklet
Mar 14 20:34:33 <Brady_M> theidiotthatisme: OK, so the codecs are what. mp3, divix, flash, java, any I'm missing here?
Mar 14 20:34:34 <jgedeon> How big of an html file would it end up being if you just did it in html and put it on the disk?
Mar 14 20:34:39 <meatballhat> the System Documentation that's included on the LiveCD is far greater than anything we can throw into a booklet
Mar 14 20:34:43 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: I'd stick with the two most common, along with the Ubuntu-specific (LiveCD, Install, Software, etc.), and installing FOSS with the Ubuntu CD
Mar 14 20:34:46 <theidiotthatisme> How is that? :-)
Mar 14 20:35:07 <meatballhat> jgedeon: that, too ... we don't want to make a custom distro :(
Mar 14 20:35:11 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: Codecs: mp3/wma/wmv/mpg/divx/flash/java
Mar 14 20:35:21 <meatballhat> it should md5sum as an Official CD
Mar 14 20:35:39 <jgedeon> Your already talking making a custom distro with the logo on the splash screen and all hat.
Mar 14 20:35:55 <meatballhat> jgedeon: we don't want to do any such thing
Mar 14 20:36:00 <jgedeon> *that
Mar 14 20:36:06 <Brady_M> So can we create a walk through using the gui Add/remove or all from symantec.. wait.. we'd have to add the repositories wouldn't we/
Mar 14 20:36:11 <meatballhat> that's *one* team member who wants to make a custom splash
Mar 14 20:36:24 <jgedeon> Ok.. Guess I've missed a couple of things in the last couple of weeks.
Mar 14 20:36:31 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: Discuss repositories, what they are, and also do add/remove software
Mar 14 20:36:51 <bonbonthejon> maybe submit a custom splash screen to the repository, so people can install if they want
Mar 14 20:36:57 <theidiotthatisme> jgedeon: There will be available a customized Ohio cd, as per the thread
Mar 14 20:37:29 <theidiotthatisme> jgedeon: But for the booklet, currently, we're looking to distribute sooner with Official CD's in DVD cases until then (and later, with the customized CD's)
Mar 14 20:37:31 <jgedeon> Ok that must have been what I was thinking.
Mar 14 20:37:36 <meatballhat> custom Ohio CD's are just fine for those who want them, but that is NOT what we are going to hand over to libraries
Mar 14 20:37:39 <Brady_M> Ok, who's here DM, .. who here on the new user.
Mar 14 20:37:49 <theidiotthatisme> What's DM?
Mar 14 20:38:00 <theidiotthatisme> And I'm on the NU Team
Mar 14 20:38:04 <Brady_M> DM is one of the new guys on the New user tam DM|
Mar 14 20:38:07 <Brady_M> sorry
Mar 14 20:38:11 <meatballhat> me too ;-)
Mar 14 20:38:23 <jgedeon> me three
Mar 14 20:38:30 <theidiotthatisme> And the education team, and the communication team, and the marketing team...
Mar 14 20:38:32 <theidiotthatisme> *sigh*
Mar 14 20:38:33 <theidiotthatisme> lol
Mar 14 20:38:51 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: they looked lonely (at first) ... :(
Mar 14 20:39:00 <jgedeon> theidiotthatisme: don't worry I think we will be talking very soon. LOL
Mar 14 20:39:02 <Brady_M> So we can talk about maybe putting a post in the forum. let's then find oh first top 5 common issues and break the work apart and work with the Ed team on it?
Mar 14 20:39:39 <Brady_M> Thn those 5 think can fit in 4 pages?
Mar 14 20:39:44 <jgedeon> Right now the biggest thing I hear from my New Users is the problem with myspace messenger or something liek that.
Mar 14 20:39:54 <jgedeon> *like
Mar 14 20:40:14 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: Maybe, we can add them under a "troubleshooting" or FAQ part of the booklet *if* it hasn't been covered earlier in the booklet
Mar 14 20:40:15 <Brady_M> oh myspace messenger. hmm. I wonder if someone's made a gaim plug in for that yet. I know xfire is supported now
Mar 14 20:40:40 <Brady_M> theidiotthatisme: right right.
Mar 14 20:40:46 <jgedeon> Brady_M: I know there was some work going on with it but still issues since a couple of weeks ago.
Mar 14 20:42:45 <Brady_M> Ok. What do you ed team have already online. I could pick and see that may been alreadyn coverd? (not sure , excuse my newbieness... I'm tryin' :)
Mar 14 20:43:34 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: The only document online right now is a presentation on an introduction to Ubuntu (hasn't been expanded as of yet) and a link to the Desktop User Guide
Mar 14 20:43:58 <Brady_M> theidiotthatisme: Covers the user interface features etc.
Mar 14 20:44:01 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: Definitely check out the Desktop User Guide for grabbing information, and also if you have a copy of the Official Ubuntu Book, it's CC-Licensed
Mar 14 20:44:24 <Brady_M> theidiotthatisme: anyone have the pdf on that book?
Mar 14 20:44:31 <Brady_M> online?
Mar 14 20:45:06 <theidiotthatisme> I only own the paperback copy :-(
Mar 14 20:45:30 <Brady_M> If it's CC then it must be online to look through. I could check google library
Mar 14 20:45:48 <Brady_M> err google books
Mar 14 20:45:54 <theidiotthatisme> yeah
Mar 14 20:46:06 <meatballhat> skippy and Seekker have copies :)
Mar 14 20:46:09 <theidiotthatisme> btw the Ubuntu Book will be updated for Fiesty :-D
Mar 14 20:46:13 <meatballhat> in pdf, that is
Mar 14 20:46:51 <Brady_M> Anyone tested the migration tools features yet in Fiesty?
Mar 14 20:48:21 <meatballhat> Brady_M: not I :D
Mar 14 20:49:04 <Brady_M> I think that would be a goodie for a newbie, if they are attempting to migrate over.
Mar 14 20:49:37 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: We will have to update the booklet after Fiesty's release
Mar 14 20:50:11 <theidiotthatisme> We should go ahead and push for getting the booklet done as soon as possible to offer the CD's to the Library mailing lists though
Mar 14 20:50:21 <meatballhat> ...and (assuming we've completed "booklet 1.0") we'll have to get to work on preparing for the next LTS release
Mar 14 20:50:36 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: I'll second that
Mar 14 20:50:45 <meatballhat> let's knock this project out ;-)
Mar 14 20:51:31 <Brady_M> OK. how can we break up work then. I willing to start on the codecs walktrough.
Mar 14 20:51:46 <meatballhat> Brady_M: do you have the wiki pages already? the ones on which we're collecting content?
Mar 14 20:52:33 <meatballhat> Brady_M: the codecs walkthrough would be best deferred to a later time - we need to get the booklet content completed as soon as possible
Mar 14 20:53:21 <meatballhat> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/CDdistribution <-- here, and the linkies at the bottom
Mar 14 20:53:24 <Brady_M> meatballhat: I been learning about using wiki's all this week. all I've done is update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/NewUser
Mar 14 20:53:37 <meatballhat> Brady_M: that's great! :D
Mar 14 20:55:10 <Brady_M> meatballhat: alright. booklet is there?
Mar 14 20:55:29 <meatballhat> look at the link entitled "workbench"
Mar 14 20:55:50 <Brady_M> ok
Mar 14 20:56:01 <meatballhat> :D
Mar 14 20:56:34 <Brady_M> You need artwork for the sleeve?
Mar 14 20:56:35 <meatballhat> Brady_M: I made a li'l change to the NU Team wiki page :)
Mar 14 20:56:57 <Brady_M> meatballhat: k
Mar 14 20:57:07 <meatballhat> Brady_M: please be sure to make your name linky :)
Mar 14 20:57:29 <Brady_M> meatballhat: alright, thanks.
Mar 14 20:57:53 <meatballhat> very awesome ... so we *did* accomplish something here, right? ;-)
Mar 14 20:58:28 <Brady_M> meatballhat: Yes. focus. :)
Mar 14 20:59:39 <Brady_M> meatballhat: OK. So you need a designed cover for these CD?
Mar 14 21:00:02 <Brady_M> or written inside content
Mar 14 21:00:03 <meatballhat> wheeee! I'm outta here for tonight :) good meetin' all. Let's get this CD distribution thingy knocked out :) ... Brady_M if you'd care to take a whack at it, sure, but it's pretty much handled :)
Mar 14 21:00:13 <meatballhat> writing is more important now
Mar 14 21:00:18 * dwyii (n=dianabuc@unaffiliated/dwyii) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
Mar 14 21:00:27 <meatballhat> dwyii: seeeester!
Mar 14 21:00:33 <dwyii> Yeeeah, I was asleep... :(
Mar 14 21:00:38 <Brady_M> meatballhat: alright
Mar 14 21:00:42 <dwyii> On top of that, a really bad thunderstorm just passed over.
Mar 14 21:01:19 <meatballhat> dwyii: I was just leaving, but hello!
Mar 14 21:01:24 <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: We can start by grabbing most of the content from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/index.html
Mar 14 21:01:41 <dwyii> What's the hap? :P
Mar 14 21:02:02 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: there's the magic page :)
Mar 14 21:02:10 <jacobmp92> dwyii: that's not all of the storm
Mar 14 21:02:12 <meatballhat> yo! anybody here know Wine??
Mar 14 21:02:26 <meatballhat> !wine | dwyii
Mar 14 21:02:27 <ubot3> dwyii: wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information.
Mar 14 21:02:30 <jacobmp92> meatballhat: person, drink, or app?
Mar 14 21:02:37 <meatballhat> heehee
Mar 14 21:02:45 * DM| (n=dm@cpe-65-31-7-98.insight.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
Mar 14 21:02:47 <bonbonthejon> yum, I wish I had some wine
Mar 14 21:02:49 <meatballhat> appsons
Mar 14 21:02:54 <DM|> hey all
Mar 14 21:03:02 <Brady_M> DM|: hey DM
Mar 14 21:03:11 <dwyii> Hey brudder, how would I get around to REstarting Furc...? 'Cause I closed it. :B
Mar 14 21:03:26 * DM| is listening to "GOMEZ- HOW WE OPERATE"
Mar 14 21:03:27 <meatballhat> dwyii: that's a goooood question :)
Mar 14 21:03:38 <meatballhat> anybody here know their way around Wine?
Mar 14 21:03:39 <meatballhat> :D
Mar 14 21:03:43 * Brady_M reading Ubuntu workbench info
Mar 14 21:03:53 <dwyii> I might not have time to work it out tonight...which is fine with me.
Mar 14 21:03:54 <Brady_M> meatballhat: I do
Mar 14 21:03:58 <jacobmp92> meatballhat: somewhat
Mar 14 21:04:15 <Brady_M> meatballhat: what you want to do?
Mar 14 21:04:16 <meatballhat> Brady_M | dwyii , dwyii | Brady_M
Mar 14 21:04:19 <meatballhat> :)
Mar 14 21:04:27 <Brady_M> ah!
Mar 14 21:04:31 <meatballhat> she needs to configure a launcher
Mar 14 21:04:47 <Brady_M> OK
Mar 14 21:04:48 * dwyii also has barely any idea what she's doing. :D
Mar 14 21:04:52 <dwyii> Today I learned pwd and ls.
Mar 14 21:05:20 <Brady_M> dwyii: great1 so you gotten as far as installing it, i assume?
Mar 14 21:05:22 <meatballhat> the app is in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/..... you get the idea :P
Mar 14 21:05:38 <meatballhat> Brady_M: success with that, yup :)
Mar 14 21:05:53 <dwyii> It's installed, and I got it running, although if I open up windows off the main one, I have to force quit them in order for them to close.
Mar 14 21:06:36 <Brady_M> dwyii: what is the application that you are attempting to use?
Mar 14 21:06:38 <meatballhat> ...so it's being a bit buggy ...
Mar 14 21:06:39 <dwyii> Furcadia.
Mar 14 21:06:54 <DM|> hmm
Mar 14 21:07:08 <meatballhat> http://www.furcadia.com/download/
Mar 14 21:07:20 <dwyii> I mostly use it to get moneys... :P
Mar 14 21:07:38 <meatballhat> dwyii: my li'l sister is a racketeer
Mar 14 21:07:39 <theidiotthatisme> Oh question
Mar 14 21:07:42 <theidiotthatisme> About the booklet content
Mar 14 21:07:51 <Brady_M> dwyii: OK. Let me check on wine DB
Mar 14 21:07:58 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: yup!
Mar 14 21:08:05 <theidiotthatisme> Before we bother to get started: Are we doing Dapper or Edgy for the first version?
Mar 14 21:08:19 <meatballhat> Dapper
Mar 14 21:08:24 <meatballhat> only LTS get booklets
Mar 14 21:08:25 <dwyii> meatballhat: What's a racketeer?
Mar 14 21:08:35 <theidiotthatisme> I wanted to make sure :-)
Mar 14 21:08:45 <meatballhat> all others will just be distributed as they come from ShipIt
Mar 14 21:08:46 <meatballhat> :)