View Full Version : Using Avidemux in Windows.. no sound

March 13th, 2007, 09:19 PM
I am using Avidemux in Windows to edit video ripped from a DVD (TV shows I recorded using my DVD recorder/player) Is this because I do not have an AC3 audio codec to play DVD-compliant audio? I downloaded VLC player and the sound can be heard in it.. although AFAIK VLC includes all needed audio+video codecs in the program itself. Although when I used Roxio Easy Media Creator to rip the video files off instead of just copying and pasting them an mpeg came out as the result and it had sound (pretty sure was a while ago when I tried it). But as soon as I opened it with Avidemux and did anything to it no more sound.

BTW I cannot just use Linux as I am not on my PC until I get my replacement MB and PSU (MB came today :) , but PSU still has to come)