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March 4th, 2007, 10:37 PM
Hello, We are pleased to announce some exciting upcoming events in the Ubuntu project. We are looking forward to the release of Ubuntu 7.04 in April 07, but our gaze also shifts beyond that to ... Ubuntu Education Summit - 3-4 May 2007 - Sevilla, Spain - The Ubuntu Education Summit will discuss issues which impact users or stakeholders of Ubuntu products in the Education sector. The target audience covers educators, decision-makers, government, developers and anyone with an interest in the deployment of Ubuntu/Edubuntu/Kubuntu in education settings. - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UES-Sevilla Ubucon - Sevilla - 5 May 2007 - Sevilla, Spain - A one day community-led and community focused event. This is the Ubuntu community at its best. Come listen, learn, contribute, and share your Ubuntu experiences at this uniquely Ubuntu unconference! - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuconSevilla Ubuntu Developer Summit - 6-11 May 2007 - Sevilla, Spain - A technical, hands on gathering

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