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March 4th, 2007, 10:37 PM
The Ubuntu Technical Board has made two technical decisions of which we would like to inform the Ubuntu community. Both of these decisions concern the upcoming 7.04 release of Ubuntu, scheduled for mid-April. Proprietary Drivers ------------------- Summary: Ubuntu 7.04 will preserve the status quo with respect to proprietary video drivers. As in previous releases, these drivers will be provided for the convenience of users who choose to use them, but they will not be activated by default. Full decision: There has been a great deal of discussion within the Ubuntu community regarding a technical proposal (the enabling of Composite support by default) which would necessitate the use of certain closed-source video drivers in a default installation of Ubuntu. In response to this controversy, a meeting was convened among representatives of the Technical Board and Community Council to evaluate the issues. The following conclusions were reached by this group: * The desktop effects

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