View Full Version : Any ubuntu-ppc user up there?

March 4th, 2007, 08:18 AM
Hi everyone,
just wondered if there is any ubuntu user in Kenya running it on apple hardware.

I had a nice eMac which was quite happy to run dapper, but unfortunately had to give it to my boss, and of course he didn't like the idea, so had to install osx on it. Now I have 15" powerbook G4. I installed dapper on it and it was runnig quite well, of course had some problems with wireless and bluetooth. But then after sometime I reinstalled osx.

In fact my adventure with ubuntu on ppc has many chapters of installing and removing it, maybe because I can't make up my mind, or maybe because not all the hardware on ppc is fully supported, and there is no flash.

So I just wanted to see if there are some other people with similar hardware, and how did they manage to install it, or to share some ideas and encouragement.