View Full Version : KDevelop 3.2.3 not working on Ubuntu 5.10

March 1st, 2007, 05:32 PM
I installed KDevelop 3.2.3 (Using KDE 3.4.3) on Ubuntu 5.10 through Synaptic, I planned on using it mainly for doing C/C++ - work from University, I've used KDevelop on computers at the University(running RedHat Enterprise 7. or above,dont remember the exact version-but they had KDE installed), i use the konsole within the KDevelop window to comile and execute code, however on Ubuntu, theres no Konsole showing up when I click Konsole...thats understandable...coz Gnome uses terminal...so how do i get terminal to replace Konsole???

Iam on gcc ver 4.0.2

There are no options under Debug and Scripts. Build only shows stop. I really cannot find a way to use KDevelop as anything more than a text editor...could really use some help in getting it to run :)