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February 27th, 2007, 02:07 AM
It's official!
We're Official!

(06:22:03 PM) Vorian: sabdfl, hello
(06:22:21 PM) Vorian: you ready for the ohio team?
(06:22:27 PM) Vorian: Hello from the ohio team! Here is our application page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/ApprovalApplication. You can find all our links on our wiki home page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam.
(06:22:35 PM) sabdfl: hey Vorian
(06:22:43 PM) sabdfl: starting an underground movement over there?
(06:22:50 PM) Vorian: :)
(06:22:58 PM) Vorian: doing our best.
(06:23:07 PM) sabdfl: :-)
(06:23:32 PM) sabdfl: what are buckeyes?
(06:23:47 PM) skippy: nuts from a Buckeye tree
(06:23:53 PM) Vorian: ohio state university
(06:23:59 PM) skippy: or, chocolate covered peanut butter balls. yummy!
(06:24:16 PM) meatballhat: the chocolate + PB versions are better ;-)
(06:24:21 PM) SD-Plissken: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_Buckeye
(06:24:52 PM) sabdfl: that's funny, skippy is a kind of peanut butter where i come from
(06:24:59 PM) Vorian: lol
(06:25:00 PM) sabdfl: tagline: yippy for skippy!
(06:25:01 PM) gnomefreak: here too
(06:25:07 PM) skippy: same here, sabdfl. I'm _extra_ smooth. ;)
(06:25:08 PM) PWill: haha
(06:25:12 PM) sabdfl: i think skippy is a bot
(06:25:18 PM) sabdfl: lurks in various channels
(06:25:22 PM) sabdfl: listening for nut references
(06:25:25 PM) sabdfl: very cunning
(06:25:30 PM) skippy: I've been discovered!
(06:25:44 PM) sabdfl: ok, ohio, seriously
(06:26:07 PM) SD-Plissken: wait a sec sabdfl is a peanut butter and jelly fan.. no way..
(06:26:18 PM) Vorian: I'll repost the links :)
(06:26:32 PM) sabdfl: totally
(06:26:33 PM) MikeB-: its Peanut Butter Jelly Time
(06:26:41 PM) Vorian: our application page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/ApprovalApplication. You can find all our links on our wiki home page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam.
(06:26:42 PM) Moniker42: MikeB-, noooo
(06:26:45 PM) ***beuno cheers for the ohio team, Vorian and meatballhat have put a lot of work into it
(06:27:22 PM) Vorian: we would also like sabdfl to consider visiting the Ohio Linuxfest this September :)
(06:27:34 PM) sabdfl: it's become quite a legendary event
(06:27:35 PM) skippy: formal invitation is forthcoming from the appropriate channels.
(06:27:42 PM) elkbuntu: i have to go now, but *cheer* for dinda for when you get to her :)
(06:27:44 PM) ***ausimage was waiting for him to invite sabdfl
(06:27:52 PM) sabdfl: september's not good for me though! but separate issue
(06:27:53 PM) Brady_M_at_work: Vorian: sorry for getting here late.
(06:27:59 PM) sabdfl: vorian, how spread out is the ohio team?
(06:28:01 PM) PWill: skippy and I are both on the Ohio Linux Fest team, and others on the team have also thought that would be a good idea, sabdfl
(06:28:11 PM) sabdfl: is it mostly columbus, or is it quite spread across the state?
(06:28:20 PM) Vorian: 4 metro areas, no more than an hour and a half apart each
(06:28:24 PM) sabdfl: night fernando
(06:28:33 PM) sabdfl: is it a very big state?
(06:28:34 PM) Vorian: sabdfl, I live in a rural area of Ohio
(06:28:44 PM) MikeB-: PWill: is it still connected to the Ham Radio Fest?
(06:28:44 PM) Vorian: Not that big
(06:28:46 PM) jacobmp92: sabdfl: not too big
(06:28:59 PM) ausimage: the top is too wide, though ;)
(06:29:01 PM) Vorian: Very populace however.
(06:29:27 PM) sabdfl: ok
(06:29:41 PM) sabdfl: we'll i' +1 on the application, i can see the team is very well organised
(06:29:58 PM) skippy: MikeB-, Ohio Linux Fest is not connected to the HamFest.
(06:30:04 PM) elmo: yeah, +1 from me too - impressive growth too, to be nearly 90 members in what 3-4 months?
(06:30:06 PM) Vorian: thanks sabdfl :)
(06:30:15 PM) Vorian: thanks elmo :)
(06:30:27 PM) MikeB-: the Loco app looks great, and the Ohio team has been very active on the forums
(06:30:30 PM) Zelut: Ohio is setting a big example for the other US Teams, even us established teams!
(06:30:39 PM) Vorian: elmo, yes, ubuntuforums have been a great engine for our growth
(06:30:52 PM) ***Zelut gives Vorian a playful glare for making the other teams look so small :)
(06:30:54 PM) theidiotthatisme: Ubuntuforums allowed me to discover the Ohio Team, and so far I've been loving it :-)
(06:31:15 PM) MikeB-: theidiotthatisme: great to hear, Woot!
(06:32:24 PM) sabdfl: yes, it's interesting how the ohio team seems to make very good use of the forums
(06:32:32 PM) sabdfl: vorian, did you start out in the community in the forums?
(06:32:53 PM) Vorian: sabdfl, launchpad was first
(06:33:13 PM) Vorian: the forums shortly after our formation
(06:33:20 PM) sabdfl: nice
(06:33:23 PM) meatballhat: I'm hesitant to cheer too much, having just been member-ized, but the Ohio LoCo Team is easily the most positive volunteer organization I've ever been a part of :D
(06:33:25 PM) PWill: sabdfl: Within about a month, we got http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/
(06:33:28 PM) sabdfl: Vorian: what's your top LP gripe?
(06:33:30 PM) jacobmp92: the forums were the biggest source of mebers, including me :)
(06:33:42 PM) Vorian: sabdfl, its a bit slow sometimes
(06:33:59 PM) sabdfl: hmm... we're trying to figure out how to avoid having to use ssl all the time
(06:34:07 PM) Vorian: other than that, i wish it were open source :)
(06:34:10 PM) sabdfl: are you in the beta group?
(06:34:28 PM) Vorian: sabdfl, not now... :)
(06:34:44 PM) PriceChild: I could help you apply for the launchpad beta later Vorian.
(06:34:52 PM) Vorian: ty PriceChild :)
(06:34:57 PM) sabdfl: cool
(06:35:03 PM) sabdfl: ok, well done ohio!
(06:35:05 PM) sabdfl: next?
(06:35:06 PM) Vorian: I would love to help
(06:35:13 PM) ***pochu congratulates the Ohio Team :)
(06:35:19 PM) meatballhat: yay!
(06:35:27 PM) Vorian: thanks sabdfl!
(06:35:30 PM) ***ausimage congrats to Vorian and Ohio
(06:35:39 PM) nixternal: Ohio! </drew carey voice>
(06:35:57 PM) SD-Plissken: Congrats Vorian and the Ohio team.

February 27th, 2007, 02:23 AM
What exactly are the benefits of being an approved team?

February 27th, 2007, 03:01 AM
It's official!
We're Official!
Congratulations to OHIO and Vorian and all the Ohio crew!:guitar:

February 27th, 2007, 03:28 AM
Congrats Team Ohio.

February 27th, 2007, 04:03 AM
Best line of the event:

sabdfl: "starting an underground movement over there?"


February 27th, 2007, 04:12 AM

February 27th, 2007, 04:14 AM
That was an extremely quick and flawless approval, glad it went well.


justin whitaker
February 27th, 2007, 04:51 AM
Congrats Team Ohio!

I only hope that Team Massachusetts has as smooth a ride. :)

February 27th, 2007, 11:41 PM

February 28th, 2007, 08:28 PM
Congratulations guys. Good work. :)

March 2nd, 2007, 01:35 AM
Awesome news! Congrats to everyone involved.