View Full Version : speedtest script? for charter

February 26th, 2007, 11:48 PM
Hello everyone. I was wondering if it is possible to write up a speedtest script or even get one thats been written. The reason I ask is because, I hate the fact that I pay for 3m service and get 300k instead. This isn't always the case but charter always comes over when its running fine. It just so happens that I'm at work when it runs fine. At around 1545 eastern time, the net slows down, it picks up at around 2145 eastern time. This is bullsh@#. They always blame my router too, saying that i should unplug it and hook directly to the cable modem, and its not the issue. This is why I want a speedtest script. To prove to them that it does slow down at X time and what not. Would it be possible? To make a script that would go to speedtest.charter.com and testmy.net every hour on the hour and that would automatically log the results, without having me at home to run it? any help or ideas are welcomed.