View Full Version : KNetStats installed by default in Kubuntu?

February 24th, 2007, 04:32 PM
Many may say that I want the Kubuntu desktop to look like windows desktop ,wich is irelevant ,for two reasons :

1) my desktop will never looklike a windows desktop ,more like the defualt gnome :) ,yes I`m using kde but that doesn`t mean that I should use the defualt settings

2) this isn`t an OS aspect ,just a small minor utility thing that can sometimes prove usefull

I think that KNetStats should be installed by defualt in Kubuntu because it`s a usefull thing for anyone who has some sort of network conenction ,and who don`t have ,doesn`t even notice it`s there.It`s good for these reasons :

- windows users converting to kubuntu may feel more confartable with it
- it`s usefull to see your bandwidh usage ,especially if it`s limited
just a note : to check it without knetstats you would have to open a cli ,type ifconfig ,search for the line containing the sent and requested bytes ,and you have to calculate how much is that it MB or GB ,I think it sounds painfull enough
-you don`t have to open a cli and ping a known server to see if your network connection is up or not
-it notifies you on the events wich conerns the status of all the network interfaces

Edit : sorry I accidently spelled "Know" insted of "No" in the pole.

February 25th, 2007, 09:06 PM
iftop is a neat tool also...