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February 7th, 2007, 11:07 PM
I know this is kind of last minute, but I just wanted to get something off of my chest, so to speak, before the official meeting tonight. I brought up this topic at the unofficial meeting last week and there was some discussion, but I donít think IRC is the best medium for this discussion.

Ever since I've joined the Ubuntu community and the Ohio LoCo, I've noticed that we Ubuntu users like to come up with news ideas for committees, user groups, projects, subteams, etc. And I've always had the thought in the back of my mind that we are perhaps stretching ourselves too thin. We are coming up with new ideas at a rate I do not think we can sustain with any sort of reliability. As of now, we have ambitions for F2F support, video guides, CD placement and everything that goes with it (brochures, Lightscribe, etc.), and a press release among others things.

What really concerns me is that we might have our active members participating in too many courses of action, and so not really being able to concentrate on any one area when needed. Now, Iím not saying F2F support or video guides or what have you are all bad ideas, but I think we could maybe be a bit more judicious about what we want to do at the time. We are still a pretty small team; although we are up to 73 members, only a fraction of those show up to meetings, at least in my experience.

As an example: at the last unofficial meeting, I stated that I felt that video guides were a bit redundant, since assembling guides, wikis, FAQs, etc. on the Internet was easier, more organized, and didnít take up the userís hard drive space. Also, there are tons of great guides out there now just waiting to be linked to. The way I see it, our team doesnít need to invest time in creating video guides just yet. We may not even need to do these things at all. I mean, how much time will have been wasted if every LoCo team created their own set of video guides? In my opinion, we have more basic things to worry about, like getting CDs.

I donít want to seem like a total party pooper here; all of these ideas are great. But I think someone has to play Devilís Advocate sooner or later to make sure we donít bite off more than we can chew. Iíd rather see us set up a solid foundation before we start building upward.

Thanks for reading!

February 7th, 2007, 11:28 PM
Great Post Fabulatron!

See what Happens when I'm not at a meeting :D (j/k)

I agree about thinning out. We have a bunch of new members on the team with some great ideas. I agree with Anthony's post about having each sub-team focus on one project. We should discuss the workload as quickly as the meeting starts tonight

I have some behind the scenes stuff I've been working on to drop tonights as well :)