View Full Version : Herd 3 Testing (on Acer Aspire 9500)

February 7th, 2007, 10:58 PM

I've just managed to squeeze some time testing out the Herd 3 Live Cd on my laptop. I don't have any space to test out installing at the moment so I've just had to stick with the LiveCD.

I'm really looking forward to upgrading when this comes out.

I posting here first as I need to dump the info I've collected, and I hope maybe some others will recognise some of the issues I've noted. I'll review and raise things on Launchpad in the coming days.

I've come across the following bugs:

1. Add/Remove crash on login

Maybe because of no network connection?

I get a crash report as the Live CD auto logs onto to the desktop.

Crash report contains:

Script: /usr/sbin/update-app-install
Package: gnome-app-install 0.3.11
Traceback (Most recent call last)
File "/usr/sbin/update-app-install", line 17, in <module>
from AppInstall.CoreMenu import *
ImportError: No module named AppInstall.CoreMenu

It looks a most like this bug ...

- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-app-install/+bug/83643

... but not quite as the stack track is different. Has anyone else had the same problem. It didn't happen for me everytime and I had a feeling it coincides with me booting without an active network connection. I'll need to check that out for certain tomorrow.

2. Blank screen on boot

Having an Acer 9500 with an ATI X700 I suffer from ...


This is still a problem in Feisty Herd 3

3. Caps Lock not working on TTY

While resolving the problem in 2) I have to switch to a TTY and edit xorg.conf. While doing that I noticed that as well as it using the US keyboard layout on my UK keyboard it doesn't seem to recognise my CAPS-LOCK key.

I don't know enough to decide which package this is likely to be caused by. Can anyone make a suggestion there and I'll go about raising it in Launchpad, if it's not already there?

4. Corrupt screen on changing screen resolution

It seems Xorg correctly detects that my screen/card is capable of 1440x900 but when I try to change to this mode the desktop rendering is corrupt and unusable. Here's a screen shot:


I haven't had time to review the open issues here in detail and there seems to be a lot ...


I'll try to find time in my lunch hour to review them tomorrow.

5. Webcam not supported

Couldn't get it to work with my WebCam (LogiTech) I couldn't load the spca5xx driver with modprobe this driver seems to (somewhat) support my cam on Dapper. On the live Cd it appears to not be there, should I be surprised?

6. The SD Card Reader doesn't work

I think that's this bug


7. Acer Hotkeys/Arcade keys not recognised

Special 9500 Acer Hotkeys and Arcade keys don't work and don't even cause any kernel log messages in /var/log/kern.log.

8. Volume control of bass speaker

Sound seems to work brilliantly except the bass speaker is muted by default and once enabled it's volume isn't changed along with the main (Front) speakers when I change the PCI volume level. I need to research this a little more on LP.

That's all for now. ):P