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February 6th, 2007, 08:34 PM
I've read here many times of people looking for inexpensive computers to purchase. I've done a little looking around and found some info that may (or may not) be useful to the masses.
Please note the availability is rather limited in (1) what can be purchased and (2) who can purchase. If you make contact with EDS (the company that runs the Navy and Marine Corps Intranet) you may be able to make a deal with them if you fall into a category that they won't sell to.
I've attached the Word doc's (it's all they use, sorry) that gives points of contact and procedures and have placed inline the contents of the web page that discusses the program. The link is on our intanet, so even if I gave it to you, you wouldn't be able to access it. The e-mail addresses area available, though.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with EDS nor NMCI except that I am a user on their network. I receive no recognition or monetary compensation for this information. Note that all hardware is sold as-is (and they mean it).

NMCI Asset Disposal
The NMCI Asset Disposal Policy outlines EDS' intent to offer for sale desktops and laptops to existing DoN
employees and employees outside the DoN. The policy includes provisions for the following:

Reusing equipment wherever possible
Allowing Department of the Navy (DoN) users and commercial resellers to purchase items
Asset Disposal Policy
Equipment must first be transferred to EDS via Department of Defense Form 1149. Once this occurs, there is
no holding period for the asset at the warehouse before the policy for disposing of all infrastructure
equipment that falls within the scope of NMCI takes effect.

Reuse. EDS will reuse as much existing equipment as possible as long as it meets NMCI service-level
requirements. This includes all infrastructure equipment such as desktops, laptops, printers, servers, routers
and other peripherals.
Sale to DoN users. Desktops, laptops and monitors not reused will be eligible for sale to the previous DoN
user or other employees at a standard fixed-unit price. Previous DoN users include civilian, military and
contractor personnel. Standard pricing is indicated in the table below. These prices are non-negotiable.
Prices will be reviewed and adjusted April 1st and October 1st respectively. Historically, computer prices
continue to drop and we reserve the right to change the prices, higher or lower, to adjust to
market conditions. The computers will not contain a software configuration upgrade. All hard disk drives
will be immediately sanitized using DoD 5220.22M compliant software. Systems will be re-loaded with a basic
operating system to ensure operability. Actual sale price does not include sales tax.
Standard Pricing for Disposal of Laptop and Desktop Equipment
601 MHz - 800 MHz $75
801 MHz - 1.2 GHz PIII $125
1.2 GHz or higher P4 $200
601 MHz - 800 MHz $150
801 MHz - 1.2 GHz PIII $225
1.2 GHz or higher P4 $300
17" Monitor $25
19" Monitor $35
21" Monitor $50
Ink Jet Printer $40
Laser Printer $75
15" Monitor $75
17" Monitor $100
19" Monitor $125
21" Monitor $175

Please use the cutout label on the Computer Purchase Request Form provided below when requesting the
computer you are now using; the rest of the form need not be submitted. If you are making a request for a
computer that you are not using now, or wish to purchase more than one computer, fill out the Computer
Purchase Request form. This form must be completed and faxed or Emailed to the warehouse that supports
your site. A list of warehouses, including fax numbers and mailing addresses are available below.

Computer Purchase Request Form (Word, 67K)
NMCI Warehouse Contact Information (Word, 41K)
New warehouses will be added as soon as they are stood up. The NMCI site manager will have information
regarding which warehouse supports your site. Remote sites will receive Computer Purchase Request Forms
upon desktop rollout. If you have previously submitted a request form, the request has been forwarded to
the appropriate warehouse. You will be contacted when the asset is ready for disposal. If you are at a site
where the warehouse has been closed, you may still participate in the program if you are willing to accept the
shipping costs from a servicing warehouse to your home.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available to help you better understand how the buyback program
works. View the FAQs (Word, 42K)

Sale outside DoN. EDS will offer infrastructure equipment for sale to commercial resellers. Desktops and
laptops will not include software or any software upgrades. Equipment that will be considered for sale to
commercial resellers includes workstations, printers, servers and routers. Commercial resellers interested in
participating in this program should have a federal tax identification number and resale tax certificate.
Organizations can contact Matt **** at Matt.****@eds.com
EDS will dispose of remaining desktops and laptops in accordance with current Department of Defense
regulations and standard EDS policies and procedures.