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January 19th, 2007, 01:37 PM
I've been looking at the possabilities of using linux as a platform for live electronic performance, but I can't say I've come across much software I could use in a live situation, short of learning C sound (as much as I want to learn C sound, I have neither the time or motivation)

Does anyone know any programs I should look at. I guess i'm looking for something in the vein of: ableton live, logic pro, synthedit, etc. Something that would be able to use something along the lines of VST instruments and effects, be customisable, able to take live midi input, and hopefully also audio input.

Any ideas?

January 19th, 2007, 01:42 PM
You could start by looking at this:
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux (http://www.linux-sound.org/)
You may also find other Linux distros more sound oriented.
Ubuntustudio (http://www.ubuntustudio.com/)
Good luck - happy sound!

January 19th, 2007, 01:51 PM
well... there still aren't as good alternatives in linux - at least as far as i am concerned. i mean it's pretty hard to make them going, even if you use a preconfigured OS; harder than the windows counterparts anyway. however a main advantage linux has is a specially-designed kernel for music production. it's really fast, faster than windows, but of course you still need a whole lot of CPU.
but if you want to check things out i recommend you try 64studio (http://64studio.com/). it's an audio linux distribution packed with free software. the only problem is that it's just a bit tricky to install. but a whole lot easier than other media distributions - plus it really works :D:

and many more....

January 20th, 2007, 10:09 AM
Thanks a lot for the sites. Unfortunately most linux sound stuff seems to focus on recording, and I can't find any info on just what Ubuntu studio will be other than a brief outline (wasn't there a quite in depth wiki on that site before? did it disappear when ubuntu studio was to become a seperate distro?)...guess I'll just wait for it to be out and then have a muck around.

Hopefully I'll find something I can create some good aural mayhem with.

January 22nd, 2007, 05:44 PM
There are some very good tools for live performances available on linux : synths (zynadd, qsampler, AMS, AMSynth, Om,etc) , a few hundred (!) effects (ladpsa) that can be chained in Jackrack, a very good drum machine (hydrogen),...., and you can jack all that in Freewheeling, a loop audio soft dedicated to live performances...

Now, if you want to go further in live experiments, you can go for pure data. Some guys at the Fave event (http://www.fave.org.uk) had some pretty creative live sessions with this.

There was some possibilities few months ago through a wiki, and mostly a forum to hack Ubuntu and get a real time kernel and other "must have" packages. The team of Ubuntustudio decided to go their own way and closed the Ubuntustudio forum. It seems that they prefer to design Ubuntustudio without an easy and open interaction with end users...weird concept for an open source project.

So for now, you'd better off with 64Studio (http://64studio.com) if you want a "free to have" working system...very stable. Lack some features that I consider major for real work (support for VSTs being one of them).

If you're ready to put 40, go for Studio-to-go (http://www.studio-to-go.com/). It comes as a live-cd and it just works.
I would wait for the official release of STG 2.0 though. It will come with jackdmp, post synchro video, support for VST(already in STG 1.5), compatibility with Debian Etch, audio time-stretching in Rosegarden, Ardour 2,...You would have to wait for a loong time or know what you do, be ready to spend few nights, and get your hand dirty to achieve the same result by yourself.

Now , it's up to you...have fun :wink:

January 23rd, 2007, 06:31 AM
Thankyou very much, I'll be certain to check all of this out. :D