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January 17th, 2007, 07:32 PM
Hello all,

Some interesting videos from the Australian Linux Conference 2007.
Take a look at:http://lca2007.linux.org.au/Programme#head-6af3ad9cefbbb05127e86c3d2f00c2542a1bb75e

If found the video of "upstart - an event-based init daemon for Linux (http://lca2007.linux.org.au/talk/102)" and "How the OLPC machine was designed (http://lca2007.linux.org.au/talk/317)" and http://lca2007.linux.org.au/talk/304 to be very educational.

More news about the OLPC here... (http://www.olpcnews.com/)

Other news are:

Adobe has readied the FlashPlayer 9 for Linux.

And the LSB (Linux Standard Base) may define a common package API.
Will Linux distros finally unite ?

Don't forget to read Ian Murdock's blog...(part 1 & 2).. (http://www.freestandards.org/en/Packaging)

January 17th, 2007, 09:57 PM
More news about the OLPC here... (http://www.olpcnews.com/)

Just a quick heads up, the OLPC News site (which I co author) is not official in anyway whatsoever. Most people seem to know this, but since we were recently accused of astroturfing by OLPC themselves, I feel obliged to point this out every now and again.

It is a great excuse for me to stay up to date on ICT4DEV topics though :)

I look forward to catching the Jim Gettys "Sausage" video at some time, in some shape or form, but streaming is rather difficult with Kenyan ADSL connections :(

January 17th, 2007, 10:23 PM
didn't work for me. I pressed the "trust this applet" message and just got a grey box.