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January 17th, 2007, 06:10 PM
A close reading of the original posters questions would seem to indicate that the locking of this thread was premature at best. perhaps the problem stems from a less than perfect understanding of english?

My reading of the posts is as follows,
1 a question of How to install (orig. poster)
2 respondant assuming that the OP is trying to install a pirated version, then suggesting that the OP purchase a copy or find a
free trial" version.
3. OP clearly stating he is willing to purchase said software,
asking where to find trialware, and asking about the specific "file type" of the aforementioned trialware.
4. the same respondant again assuming that the OP is trying to pirate
the aforementioned trial/software and locking the thread.

IMO if any person is going to be given the power to lock threads, and deny basic information to newcomers they should at the minimum have the mental magnitude to interpret even poorly worded questions.

I myself am new to this/these distros. I just recently installed xubuntu on a machine that I gave as a gift, and am planning to
install one of them on at least 3 other machines. If I found that
the person who received the afore mentioned machine was treated
in this manner I would remove these distros from all machines under my influence and Name Ubuntu,Kubuntu,Xubuntu and all other ***buntu distros in MY top 10 worst linux distros, even above linsucks
and freesucks.
This action is so uncharacteristic of the linux community that I have come to know and appreciate that I would not be surprised if the OP
reverted to Winblows forever and had nothing good to say about
and linux distro. I hope however that they just dump their **buntu
system and try one of the many other fine distros that have SUPPORTIVE communities.


January 17th, 2007, 06:47 PM
The thread was started on the assumption of pirating Cedega, given the previous posts made by the user ([1] [2]). Then, he magically shows up with RPMs (which are commonly available pirated on P2P networks) when Cedega offers debs for legal versions, with clear indication that Debian or Ubuntu uses the deb format.. The answer to where free trials can be requested was also posted.

If the OP obtains a legal package and then has trouble installing it, he is welcome to start a new thread and ask. The thread will remain closed to prevent more piracy-related stir-ups.