View Full Version : What level of web stats do I need?

Peter Mount
January 17th, 2007, 12:33 AM

I've got my business web site and I need to get a handle on how many visits a month I need before I start seeing enquiries coming from potential clients. So far this month (17 Jan 2007) I have:

84 Unique visitors
313 Visits
35 / 84 Visitors (41.6 %), estimated, added my site to their favourites

This is measured in the Awstats software on my PHP web host account. Could somebody tell me what I should aim for on a monthly basis? Or even a web site that discusses this?

I'm planning to put a blog on my web site and hopefully that will attract more visits. I've got the book "Blog Design Solutions" plus I've used blog software in the past so I should be alright for that.