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January 16th, 2007, 09:31 AM
Hi. I'm trying to exclude threads from the Ubuntu Christian Edition from showing up in my forum searches and forum home page.

I went to User Control Panel > Edit Options, scrolled all the way down to the box where I can choose subforums to exclude, and can't find UCE on the list of 3rd party projects.

I recently gave an impromptu overview of various linux distros (Ubuntu, Fedora Core and openSuSE) to some friends. Part of the overview is where they can get on-line technical support. I intentionally left Ubuntu for last since I'm hoping to spend more time extolling its virtues and the excellent support from this fine community.

So I logged in to my account here, and went to the forum home page. Unfortunately, the most recent post in the 3rd party category is from the UCE subforum, so it's shown prominently on the web page. Half of my friends are non-Christians, and some of them hold strong anti-Christian sentiments. The following questions were asked in rapid succession:

1. Is Ubuntu a pro-Christian distro? (I answered no).
2. Is the Ubuntu community generally pro-Christian? (My understanding is that this is a tech forum, and thus supposedly non-religious, so once again, I answered no.)
3. Are there Ubuntu 3rd party projects for other religious groups? (I didn't know of any, so I answered no. Later I found there is a satanic version, but that's a different matter altogether).
4. Can messages from the christian subforum be filtered out? (I answered yes, knowing there is such a feature in the User CP).

Much to my chagrin, I couldn't. Anyway, to cut a long story short, those interested to try linux on their PCs asked for copies of CD installers of their preferred distro. I wasn't surprised that my non-Christian friends gave Ubuntu a wide berth.


P.S. I notice that some of the more "controversial" subforums are enabled by default during new user account creation. Subforums Like the Jail, Backyard, etc. Shouldn't this be the other way around and just let individual users to opt-in if they want to?

Similarly, should the UCE subforum be enabled by default?

January 16th, 2007, 09:40 AM
I'm not saying this won't or can't happen, but the reaction seems a bit oversensitive on the part of your friends. UbuntuCE is just another third-party project listed in an area that says clearly, "Projects related to the Ubuntu community that are not sponsored by Canonical, Ubuntu or the Ubuntu Forums." The fact that it is targeting a particular religious community is not a consideration in our eyes any more than the fact that Ubuntu Women is targeting a specific gender--both have as their goal the inclusion of a certain group into a larger community, not the transformation of the larger community to become like a specific sub-group.

If I was offended at the idea of Ubuntu podcasts I would still not think it was reasonable to request that that forum not be included in forums searches by default...who knows what interesting things could come up there? and I can always just skip the messages.

Regarding the ability to exclude that forum yourself, we'll look into it.

January 16th, 2007, 09:45 AM
Regarding the ability to exclude that forum yourself, we'll look into it.The forum can now be excluded in UserCP->Edit Options at the bottom of the page. Its omission from that list was an oversight.

January 16th, 2007, 10:38 AM
Thank you for the swift response to the technical issues.