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January 15th, 2007, 07:42 AM
Hey I would like to try gNewSense, given that some of the "blobs" in Ubuntu have in the past caused me headaches. Yet I will still need to compile some kernel modules (non-free..yes I know..I'm evil, but with Ubuntu planing to add nvidia etc. I free possible instability and perhaps adding only the garbage I need would be better than having the garbage that everyone else needs as well. (does that make sense?) Anyways I need to know if gNewsense has the kernel headers installed by default. anyone know? (I see that they have the build-essential package in, but afaik that doesn't include the kernel headers.)

February 15th, 2007, 08:45 PM
I would suggest putting the question in the gNewSense forum, if you haven't done so yet:


February 15th, 2007, 09:14 PM
AFAIK nvidia will not be in feisty by default?

February 15th, 2007, 09:21 PM
Canonical/Ubuntu have decided not to include binary graphics drivers by default, instead they will be much easier to install, if the user wishes.

February 16th, 2007, 05:54 PM
sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx
sudo nvidia-xconfigThat's pretty simple IMO...

February 17th, 2007, 03:23 AM
I was actually referring to Gnewsense..not Feisty. But I decided not to go there because in the end I will have to mess up the kernel anyways. (Wifi and video card). The reason I was considering it was that sometimes, the extra stuff put in the kernel by Ubuntu would mess up here. (The rt2500 drivers aren't compatible w/ network manager so I have to use ndiswrapper but that caused problems.