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May 12th, 2005, 01:53 PM
After finally receiving the batch of pressed Ubuntu CDs I ordered, I want to distribute them. I want to get the word out. I want to advertise (advertize, for the non-British) Ubuntu.

I've searched without success for posters and flyers and such to do this. Am I blind, or are there none? If the latter, then I would like to set about designing my own poster(s), which I will make publicly available here when they're done. First, a few things:
Correct usage of the official Ubuntu logos is described here: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuArtwork.
I have exams coming up and therefore have very little time outside of studying.
My artistic abilities are... limited!
Therefore I invite anyone and everyone interested and capable to start making these posters. I would love to put these up all around my college/university, and I would invite others to do the same.

Below is a some background info as to why I'm keen to do all this. Read on only if you really have nothing better to do (like making a poster!).


I'm at uni at the moment, and my college's IT department is quite frankly appalling. They are, by all accounts, absolutely useless. To gain student-room network access, Windows users (99% of the college) must go through this draconian and incredibly time-consuming and ultimately pointless (as I'll explain soon) set of 'Stages' to make their machine clean for the network. These stages involve installing anti-virus scanners (over the top of any existing ones present on a machine), adware removers, XP SP2 (lots of problems there), and tsunamis of patches. For most people it takes about 3 weeks to get through all of it. This happens at the start of every term.

Last term a virus spread through MSN Messenger across a large proportion of the Windows machines. This caused so much traffic that the university demanded that my college actually completely disconnect itself from them until this problem was rectified.

On the other hand, myself and only a handful of other lucky Linux/Mac users, connecting to the network is (almost) as simple as asking the department to flick a switch (though they still manage to mess that up usually). I want to make it as easy for everyone else to connect to the network, and still be (relatively) safe from viruses and spyware and what-have-you.

What Linux won't protect people from, sadly, is the college's ridiculously intrusive and awkward proxy server, SonicWall. It requires you to log in from a graphical browser (I don't think any text-based browsers are capable of opening new 'windows') and log in to the server. A new window is created which presents you with a contract (acceptable use, etc.), to which you click "Accept", and another new window is created which must stay open for the entire duration you want to be online. It has a timer, which means that one continuous session online can last for a maximum of 6 hours. Helpfully, it logs you off after 5 minutes of network inactivity. So much for reading long articles and staying online! I could rant more, believe me, there's a lot more wrong with the department's policies than that.

I hope you can see what I'm getting at now. Of course, I would advocate free software anyway, but all of the above provides added incentive.

EDIT (Thursday, 12 May 2005, 14:56 BST): Added link to UbuntuArtwork wiki page about official artwork usage.
EDIT (Monday, 16 May 2005, 17:30 BST): Added the word 'flyers' to make this more visible to searches.

May 12th, 2005, 10:45 PM
First off, SonicWall does sound like it sucks!!

Second, I'm going to move this to community marketplace. I love the idea, but I'm afraid it will get overlooked in the Community Chat section.