View Full Version : default colours in *buntu terminals

January 12th, 2007, 06:39 PM
sorry if this isn't the place for this...


was suggested that i post here, so:

anyone having any problems with the default colours in gnome-terminal, konsol, and/or ctrl-fx consols?

basically, since the upgrade to edgy, nethack started displaying gold as brown rather than yellow, which is why i assumed that maybe there was a standard way of reffering to colours, which had been slightly borked in edgy. i guess it could also be relevent in a few other cli proggies that use colour, eg w3m, if the man pages said 'x will be displayed as yellow', when in fact they show as brown, could be confusing. brown stuff still shows as brown, so i'm assuming that both brown and yellow show as brown, which could lead to a program trying to highlight a yellow word in brown = brown on brown = unreadable.

i guess, with their default white background, yellow is a pretty pants colour to use in gnome-terminal and konsol, but it works in the terminal.

anyhoo... problem or not?