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January 2nd, 2007, 04:22 AM
OK, the newest release of viper is out and I went ahead and ported some of NeHe's infamous tutorials to work with it. This version of viper has some new features, refer to the documentation for a feature list.

NeHe examples 2 - 10: HERE (http://p13.wikispaces.com/space/showimage/viper-v1-nehe.tar.gz)

Viper main page: HERE (http://p13.wikispaces.com/viper)

Just download the latest viper module (required for the NeHe examples), download the NeHe example package, then place the viper module (viper.so) in the NeHe example folder and run the examples (example: python lesson02.py)

Please report and bugs or suggestions! Thanks.