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December 27th, 2006, 08:48 PM

i have been using ubuntu for a month and these forums have been helpful in giving me a satisfying experience with it.

so when someone posts a question , i feel the urge to help out with a solution .

but since ia m new , can we have a method where the first reply to a query is from a forum staff member instead of guys like me who may not be accurate in their suggestions

i dont want to screw up some body's machine ,thats all



December 27th, 2006, 09:03 PM
The staff are all volunteers and not professionals so there is no guarantee that our answers would be any better or authoritative than anyone else's. Also, we have limited resources that make this impossible.

In any case, if you feel uncertain about something in your post feel free to say so. Perhaps something like this, "I think this should work, but I'm not positive. Can anyone confirm this before the user tries it?" or "Try searching for more information using these terms <...> and see if it helps. I think that is the path you want to follow."

In any case, welcome to the forums and thanks for wanting to help!!

December 27th, 2006, 11:53 PM
I usually don't reply to threads where I have less than 2 cents to contribute, and I wish other users did the same. And I love it when someone responds to a thread with the same exact solution as the person who posted before them had, just worded differently and with their name on th post.

And like matthew said above, just because someone is on the forum staff doesn't mean they know more than us "regular" forum users. ;)