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December 26th, 2006, 03:42 AM

I've recently gotten an infraction for advertising, on a thread that has been forgotten...

Lets start at the beggining, I posted a thread about 3 or 4 weeks ago, called "Help Teens Learn Linux Forum", and I got some pretty good responses, until I learned of the danger of putting the word "Teen" out there, so I ended it.

I've recently created a thread called "Help me on my great new forum!" and it was closed by frodon, because of advertising, called advertising because it didn't have anything to do with Ubuntu, which it did, and still does (Not like video games or something random). and got a warning for it. OK, ok, I get the message, I won't do it again, I learned my lesson.

I've also recieved an infraction for the first thread I made, (which was dead already, no post or anything, so it didn't appear in user CP) and got an infraction for "posting and advertisement" there, which was created long ago, already forgotten, and before I got the warning, or new about that rule, again, I said I wouldn't do it again, but whats done is done, and he (frodon) says now that I am advertising everywhere, my forum,

1. I'm pretty sure I'm not
2. My forum has to do with Ubuntu, I pay for every MB of bandwidth that comes through, and licensing, no ads or anything, I don't even accept donations, I'm sorry my deeds make people mad.
3. Point in case, that thread was made before I got the warning, and had no activity, so it never appeared in User CP, I didn't think to take it off, or report to close it, and now its being counted against me.

I'm sorry if there was misunderstandings, miscommunication, or mood in the way, but I paid the money to help the community, don't hold that against me, I worked hard on it, I meant no intention to hurt Ubuntu Forums, I respect these forums very much, this is where I got my idea, I didn't know my hard work would get me an infraction!

I just ask that my infraction be removed, I meant no harm, and I technically didn't "keep advertising my forum", I am reporting no abuse, even though I feel as if I should.


Matthew R. Adams, a.k.a. frak

December 26th, 2006, 01:35 PM
I have reviewed the threads in action and decided to reverse your infractions. I can understand how to the staff member routinely checking for advertisements and spam how your thread(s) may have been taken as such, but upon closer examination your threads seem legitimate.

I'm very glad to see you undertaking your Help (Teens) Learn Linux project and commend your efforts (I was a teen when I started using Linux, and heck I still am one now :D), but do be careful that in your excitement you are not over-advertising your project on others' sites to the point that it begins bothering others.

As I said, good luck and have fun with your idea.