View Full Version : Wine and Maxwell

December 24th, 2006, 03:47 PM
wine is so cool...
Some professors at my uni made this program called Maxwell. it shows simulations of various electrical stuff. like electrical motors, circuits, all kinds of things. it uses flash and quicktime (i think). anyway, they only made it for windows, and i wanted to use it on my Ubuntu computer.
I never knew Wine could do this, but it installed the whole program. and it runs fine too.
just one small problem: greek letters don't seem to show. and some animations are black. i wonder if there's some way to fix that, or should i be happy with what i get; being at least something :)
for example, the font is different from the font in windows, causing some words to overlap, and perhaps that's also the reason why the greek letters don't show. is there a way to change that?
i know absolutely nothing about Wine, this is the first time i use it.