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December 18th, 2006, 09:44 PM
Hi ubunteros:

I was interested in pointing some notes I have collected after seeing a couple of post about mouse gestures, 3d desktops, stylus-driven user interfaces and so on.

One thing I love the most of nautilus is it's spatial mode and the way this work the same on folders than on the desktop. Using it heavily this results in a handy tool to manage documents and arrange it in "sections" of the desktop according to what work you are doing. But some things, basic thing I believe, are not present, like multiple icon resize. I said "basic" because there is a "resize icon" function but you can't resize two or more, and its a little annoying to have a lot of huge pictures preview in the desktop as they consume too much space.
Plus, there are no other multiple-files-managing functions besides creating an archiver. I'm brainstorming but wouldn't you love to select a group of files from your desktop/folder and making it a folder or other batch process task?. This are aspects of the gnome desktop that could be (I believe, maybe I'm wrong) easily accomplished tweaking some of the default functions. Of course I believe mouse gestures are a better interface for this kind of features, but even a keyboard shortcut wold be nice on this stage.

Gnome, as I heard is going in the direction to a task-oriented-desktop. As I think this means to take the "workspace" concept to the extreme, not just multiple desktops with the same objects and behavior, it means (at least for me), a complete workspace waiting to be tweaked to fit the user's work's needs. As an example, different icons on each workspace, documents that opens with different aplication on each workspace, think about a web developer, one workspace to "see" your work and other to "edit" it, in one workspace you open .html files with your browser, in other with an editor, did you get the point?.

May be this are too wicked thoughts, but the point of this thread is to see what is the ubuntero's view about this kind of things.

So, what do you think?

December 18th, 2006, 09:55 PM
I'm not sure about the multiple workspace thing, but doesn't KDE already do this?

I'd love the see such a feature implemented in Gnome, just without all the KDE hustle and bustle. I'm all for Gnome's simplicity of use, but I'd still like to see it bring some more features and tweakabilities to the table without becoming another KDE.

That said, implementing features like you've described would be a good thing of course! Progress indeed!