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December 11th, 2006, 01:20 PM
South African Local Community Meeting Summary

Date: 7 December, 2006

Time: 8.30pm to 10.35pm

Agenda: LoCoMeetings/Agenda7Dec

IRC Log: LoCoMeetings/MeetingLog7Dec

Attended By:

Handle Name Location
====== ==== ========
craigaa Craig A. Adams Durban / Westville
morgs Morgan Collett Cape Town / Durbanville
Circus-Killer Hugh Jacobs Johannesburg
funk19 Justin Hartman Johannesburg
jvanderm Jacques vd Merwe Cape Town / Observatory
highvoltage Jonathan Carter Cape Town
squilla_ Dave Jones Cape Town
diepruis Jan Kroeze Johannesburg / Centurion
jeang Jean Gruneberg Durban
bhtb Lesley Cape Town
Seeker Richard Banks Johannesburg / Roodepoort
jjtoymachine Jason Dugmore Johannesburg
POps Bill Cairns Johannesburg / Centurion
geriatric Robert Holm Port Elizabeth
Vhata Jonathan Hitchcock Stellenbosch
patricka Paul Arzul Cape Town
hexdream Duncan Durban
mips Durban
inetpro Gustav Meyer

Introduction to Ubuntu LoCo Teams

The intent of this agenda item was to ensure that everyone understood
the function of a LoCo Team.

1. Most people were up to date on the function of a LoCo team, but some
were not.
* An overview of the LoCo Team needs to be written. -> Refer to
loco FAQ.

2. Some people only stumbled upon the LoCo and say it is difficult to
* We need to raise awareness of LoCo teams in the Ubuntu community,
perhaps some assistance from Ubuntu website.

3. It was noted that it is not "easy" to join the LoCo team.
* Simplify the process of joining the team.

4. Some people understand the theory or concept behind a LoCo, but do
not quite grasp the practical application.
* We need a "How you can get involved." section on the Wiki.

5. A number of comments and questions were raiser re the specific
activities of the LoCo.

6. Other points or comments raised included:
1. Access to Non Long Term Support CD's
2. Education (Schools etc.)
3. Translation into local languages.
4. Assisting those with no or poor Internet access.
5. Locations of Freedom Toasters
6. General User Support

Channels of Communication

This agenda item was designed to introduce the various forms of
communication the LoCo has available to it and to describe their
relative uses. Discussed media were the Mailing List, the Forum, the
Wiki and IRC.

1. The mailing list is the primary means of communication, it is nearly
universal with almost everyone having access to email and allows for
offline use.

2. The Wiki is a great reference tool and collaborative content
development environment, but cannot be very effectively used as a
communications medium.
* Most people are intimidated when it comes to using the Wiki. It
would be useful to provide an easy to follow HowTo and templates for
people not familiar with using a Wiki.

3. The Forum, to a degree, combines the functions and capabilities of
the Wiki with mailing lists. Most people however are passive consumers
of information and require it toe be sent to them, rather than actively
going somewhere to look, unless they have a problem that needs to be

4. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is good for quick meetings, discussions and
immediate support, but is also out of the reach of many people. One
indicator is that this on-line meeting was only actively attended by ~20
people out of over 140 subscribers to the mailing list, which is
actually quite a good turnout.

5. Cross posting of information between communication mediums needs to
be actively carried out. To this end a number of people have agreed to
assist with this process, but more people would be welcome.
* Cross posting of information will be carried out by Hugh Jacobs,
Morgan Collett, Justin Hartman, Craig Adams and Jacques Van Der Merwe.

6. Service maintenance teams are also required to ensure the proper
functioning and management of the Wiki, Mailing Lists and Fora.
* Wiki Content > Morgan Collett, Duncan (hexdream), Craig Adams,
Jacques Van Der Merwe, Jean Gruneberg (jeang).
* Wiki Theme > Justin Hartman, Richard Banks (Seeker), Jonathan
* Forum Management > Hugh Jacobs.
* Mailing List Moderation > Duncan (hexdream), Craig Adams, Hugh
Jacobs, Bill Cairns (POps)

7. Other points, notes or comments:
1. Some people are unable to spend extended time on-line as they use
dial-up or their company policies do not allow browser access. Others do
not have access to the Internet out of office hours.
2. It is important to remember that most people in South Africa, who
have access to the Internet, do not have access to broadband.
3. eMail is easier for most people to manage compared to web based
4. Each person develops their own preference as to which
communication medium suits them best. It is necessary to respect peoples
choices in this regards.
5. Hosting of LoCo resources is provided by Canonical with access to
a website, Wiki, mailing list, IRC channel and forum offered.
Information on the LoCo hosting resources can be found at: [WWW]
6. General IRC based user support should really be directed to the
main Ubuntu channels. There are more people there at any given time.


One of the functions of many LoCo's is the translation of Ubuntu into
local languages.

1. In South Africa an organisation called Translate ([WWW]
http://www.translate.org.za) headed by Dwayne Bailey has undertake the
task of translating FLOSS into the numerous official languages.

2. Anyone interested in assisting with translation is the be referred to
Translate in an attempt to avoid duplication and dilution of effort.

3. Craig Adams contacted Dwayne Bailey and he provided a blurb for the
Wiki and a link to the website.
* "If you would like to be involved in the translation of Open
Source software into South African languages. Including OpenOffice.org,
Mozilla, KDE and GNOME. Then please join the community at
Translate.org.za which focuses on localisation of FOSS into South
African languages. Not only do we look at interfaces but also:
keyboards, locales, spell checker and software to enhance the quality
and ease of localisation such as Pootle our online translation tool."
# Contributors section - [WWW]
# Live translation - [WWW] http://pootle.translate.org.za
# Development blog - [WWW] http://www.translate.org.za/blogs/dev/

4. Translation is entirely voluntary and does not require any technical
skills for people to become involved.

Local LoCo Teams

Sub-Teams to carry out specific functions, management, maintenance and
general assistance are needed within the LoCo.

1. Teams are not to be formal exclusive groupings of people. Rather, the
idea is to build specialist knowledge with an aim towards assisting
others in their activities.

2. Wiki, Mailing List & Forum teams were established in Channels of
Communication above.

3. Marketing Team: Responsible for assisting LoCo members in their
Ubuntu marketing efforts. These encompass visibility/exposure, and a
formal press liaison group/individual.
* Team Volunteers : Craig Adams, Paul Arzul (patricka), Jason
Dugmore (jjtoymachine), Justin Hartman, Duncan (hexdream), Lesley
(bhtb), Dave Jones (squilla_).

4. Event Team: Responsible for assisting LoCo members organise and hold
events, booths at shows, conferences, installfests and any other public
* Team Volunteers: Craig Adams, Duncan (hexdream), Hugh Jacobs,
Jacques Van Der Merwe, Lesley (bhtb).

5. Education Team: Responsible for assisting LoCo members
improve/increase Ubuntu, specifically Edubuntu, usage in schools and
other educational institutions. This can include the installation of
computing facilities in schools, organising the donation of computers to
schools etc.
* Team Volunteers: William Kinghorn (not present), Craig Adams,
Jason Dugmore (jjtoymachine), Hugh Jacobs.

6. Local Teams: These are not specifically teams, but merely groups of
people in the same geographical area. LoCo members should create a
profile for themselves on the Wiki and link themselves to the area they
are located in. No specific addresses are to be posted.

7. Other points, notes or comments:
1. Improving visibility in various other fora and mailing lists will
be undertaken by various people.
2. Mentions in e-zines and news sites were also mentioned.
3. Jonathan Carter mentioned the possibility of building a South
African specific Ubuntu Live CD.

Getting Involved in Ubuntu

This agenda item was supposed to discuss how LoCo team members could get
involved in the greater Ubuntu project, but focused on local involvement

Anything by anyone, within reason. Essentially whatever anyone can think
of to "market" Ubuntu is encouraged, provided everyone is notified of
what is planned. Ideas from giving away CD's at shopping centres to
holding a training session were mentioned.

Success Stories

Whilst not properly discussed, it was mentioned that success stories for
the Wiki and any potential newsletters would be welcome.

Code of Conduct

Everyone is expected to abide by the code of conduct on all media ([WWW]
http://www.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki/CodeOfConduct), but team leads will be
required to actually sign the Code of Conduct.

Competition Ideas

Morgan Collett has a copy of The Official Ubuntu Book signed by Jono
Bacon, Benjamin Mako Hill and Ivan Krstic available as a prize for a
competition. Various ideas were discussed with regards to what the
competition would be, either for the best ZA LoCo logo design or the
person who has made the most/best contribution to the LoCo over a period
of time. Ideas for the competition need to be discussed further.