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December 10th, 2006, 01:35 AM
Hi I noticed that there was recommendation not to use win32 codecs in USA. Is this global situation or just USA? Were also dvd tools prophibited to use? what is legal way to use win codecs and dvd tools?

Is there any open source video streaming codecs? If there is, would it be right time really seriously think to use it instead than one companys product for produce internet material, It feels little like there would be one car brand to use. Think that if you'd like to drive with car everyone would have to use like Toyota. For me it sounds danger.

is there legal way for community to publish streaming live- and recorded video in internet?

December 10th, 2006, 02:01 AM
I believe if you encode streaming media as Ogg, you don't need any special proprietary codecs to view the media.

December 10th, 2006, 03:47 AM
Hello, I'm also new at Linux. You raise an interesting question for us newbees. I read somewhere, which now I cannot find, that if you own a Windows OS you can use the codecs on Linux.:confused: I honestly don't know if this is true, perhaps someone can discredit/credit this. It would be very interesting to know if this is true and appreciate if someone could tell us anything on this. I would recommend that if you are worry about the legality you should use Linspire/freespire. Linspire/Freespire include the necessary codecs. I wonder, if Ubuntu developers could offer an option to purchase them for a small fee paid to the copyright owner? Just a thought! Of course if you do decide to use the win32 codecs in Ubuntu , "I promise not to tell anyone",lol Perhaps someone will find a better way to do this for Linux users. It irritates me to think that I would buy a perfectly legal movie and be unable to view it in Linux. I love Linux and I'm working hard to get all my systems Windows free. I have 3 systems of my own and only one runs windows and even that one dual boots with Xandros. I need to work on three problems for that to happen: Printer (LEXMARK SUCKS, WILL BUY AN HP TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM), cbs.com (TV shows won't work with my newly installed flash player 9 beta), and Lightscribe. I installed lightscribe lacie but it does not work with ubuntu 6.10, yet! Hope this thread leads TO BETTER THINGS FOR ALL OF US .;)

December 10th, 2006, 02:25 PM
I think it should be option to use those commercial codecs legally, but I don't know is it so but it can be that those commercial instances are not ready to sell rights. This media propblem can be the biggest hinder for spreading linux wider, because if you think some congregations, they just wont work with illegal copies, and most of companies should follow the same rule.

I was little for this reply which aysiu gave, that those available os codecs should be more advertised. It feels really dangerous that one company in world has right to controll internet streaming. I'd say wake up.

when I started to study linux around year ago, I found it really fitting solution for my personal needs. But now after year when I'm starting own business, I noticed that I have to deal with these law issues If I'm going to produce media for my customers.