View Full Version : Linux Synchronization Utility

December 3rd, 2006, 04:39 AM
Over the past few months I've been learning shell scripting, and in the process, have written a command line synchronization utility. It uses rsync (over ssh for secure and easy transfers), and incorporated some features that I think are pretty useful. One thing I added is a "Safety" feature - it helps stop those "ohno" moments that happen when I realize I just deleted something I didn't want to while using the --delete option. I've released the whole thing under the GPL v2 and provided a bunch of documentation, at


It's still in an "alpha" stage, I'm using it now and feeling pretty comfortable with it trasfering my "critical" files. The site is pretty empty at the moment, like a big empty room. Please, if you like it, say something - if you don't, say something too ( please be constructive though, I've spent a lot of my own time and money on this in the hopes that it would help someone out, calling me a bunch of names doesn't really accomplish anything).

I posted this here because I'm a Ubuntu junky, and have been since Breezy - I hope that's ok.;)