View Full Version : A good PHP IDE w/ Project Manager

December 2nd, 2006, 02:47 AM
Hello all,

Well the jEdit project manager suddenly decided to stop working and its really pissing me off now, it just refuses to do anything for me now and there really isnt anything else good for linux that I know of. So I am in desperate need of a PHP IDE that includes a Project Manager for free. Anyone have any ideas? I didnt like gEdit, too simple and not enough features, I love Kate but I can't stand KDE, its the worst (dont start a war, my opinion) and the only way you can get it is through KDE itself. I've tried the other KDE IDE's too and most of them are really meant for other languages and doesnt have any PHP support other than syntax highlighting. I also tried gPHPEdit but thats way too buggy and it crashes constantly, hence its betaware. So just ruled those out. Really need help with this one, was searching on sourceforge for hours, no luck.


December 2nd, 2006, 07:08 AM
I recommend Quanta Plus, you can install it via the kdewebdev package. It's got a nice project manager, one key [F8] uploads all changed places to FTP for you, what I consider to be the seller of it (I can't find a Windows program for my friends that does this, and it's really, really nifty).

If not Quanta+, Bluefish is GTK, although I'm unsure of its project management.

December 2nd, 2006, 09:17 AM
Okay thanks, I've tried bluefish but that crashes aswell, whenever you try to save a file, it locks up and crashes. A shame really. I'll try quanta.