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November 29th, 2006, 04:44 PM
There's a thread in our clan forums about linux, and I really liked a particular reply I made to the thread, and decided to share it here.

Install Ubuntu, and put iceWM on it and boot to it. Or wait til I get fluxbox settled down and reliable, and I'll let you know how that's done, too.

For sure, you want to start off with either ubuntu or xubuntu, then install icewm and boot to it. If you have problems, you can just boot back to ubuntu or xubuntu (restart x) and seek help, which is just totally cool.

Here is a helpful thread on iceWM

and here is a helpful (somewhat) thread on fluxbox

For anyone wondering wtf, here's the deal. Microsoft windows, the operating system you probably are running right now, has several things about it that quite a few people don't really care for.

1. viruses
2. spyware
3. malware
4. unstable
5. most programs you run on it cost money, or have to be hacked. and if you run hacked software... do you really trust the person who hacked it? think about that one some time...
6. oops, another virus!
7. wtf is it with the pop ups? oh yeah, more spyware. dang
8. wtf, it just crashed!
9. software to stop viruses and kill spyware costs HOW MUCH?

and the number 10 (letterman, I'm not) reason (which as we all know is the number one reason) not to like windows is:

And it's bloated. Totally bloated.

Which is where Linux comes in. Oh, and linux is free, btw. You put it on your machine, you do whatever you want with it. Especially Ubuntu, which will start shipping with all proprietary drivers soon, for better hardware support!

What Al and I are doing is basically on par with taking Vista and killing it, then resurrecting it with windows 95 on the surface, but all the functionality of vista (if you can call it that). IceWM and fluxbox and xfce are window managers. What we can do with linux is use whichever window manager we want (for free) to use. Some are bloated, like kde, others are minimal, like kfce. If you are like me (and I guess Al), then the eye candy stuff is nice but no big deal. I want a lean, functional machine. Therefore I am testing the waters with icewm and fluxbox. (btw, I'm about to start building linux boxes under the licensed name of Mudder, Inc. and they will have linux with fluxbox on all of them. That way I'll be one 1337 mudder fluxxer, don't you know)

The cool thing is, I can have Kde, Gnome, iceWM, fluxbox, wm, blackbox, fvm, fvmcrystal, etc all on my machine, and boot to whichever one I want at any given time.

AND, I can customize them so that they look like Vista, OSX, or even Windows 3.1! The possibilities are endless, because you can choose the buttons that look like OSX, the windows decoration that look like vista, and icons from god only knows what. ORRR, YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN, BECAUSE YOU OWN YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM. NO ONE IS GOING TO TRY TO STOP YOU FROM MESSING WITH "THEIR" OPERATING SYSTEM THAT YOU RENT FROM THEM. Pretty freaking cool, huh?

The drawback? You got to learn. Bummer, huh? Well, look back at when you first learned to use windows. Now how many months before you really knew what you were doing? It will take less than a quarter of that amount of time for you to become proficient in linux. You just have to try. www.ubuntuforums.org is the best support community on the planet, and there are tons of other places to go for help and support, too.

Who would benefit from linux? Everyone would. If you have to have windows for work or school, you can either leave windows on, and add linux and boot to one or the other as you need, or you can run linux with software that supports windows programs installed, or even install a virtual machine and install windows onto a virtual hard drive and run it while you are still in linux, without having to reboot your computer. Henry has a bit of a slow machine. He'd benefit greatly from dual booting, and running iceWM as his linux window manager when he plays UT, for sure. (you can script in linux just as easily as you can in windows, you just need to install a program called wine, then install UT with wine, then theres a bash that will run ucc.exe with whatever script you are wanting to compile ;) ) So technically, Henry could script and test his butt off without ever booting to windows. And with running icewm, chances are his ut would run tons better than it does now.

Ah, but you want to play games that only windows can run! Many of these games will work in wine, but others will not. If more people had a clue and refused to buy these games until they would work in linux right out of the box, then the world would be a better place, but don't expect that to happen. Only 4 percent of the people who started reading this will get to this line right here. _____ <- teh line :) Yep, that 96 percent are the ones who will follow microsoft like lemmings over a cliff. Never having an original thought ever cross their minds. (a moment of silence for them please......BAP THEM UPSIDE THE HEAD.....)

So now you know. Questions?


November 29th, 2006, 06:16 PM
Hehe, to make your point even better, UT has a Linux installer! =D

I'm not sure where in 2004, but in 2003 it's on the third CD, complete with instructions ;)

November 29th, 2006, 07:19 PM
Yeah, in 2k4, it's on the first cd. You have to download one for UTGOTY, but it's worth it for sure.