View Full Version : RAID Array Ideas

November 28th, 2006, 12:35 AM
Hey all,

I'm trying to decide how I want to handle putting in some new hard drives to my server. What I have is a small 10GB IDE drive for the OS and a 250GB IDE for storage. However, my mobo has two SATA ports that will let me do RAID 0 or 1 in hardware. I would like to increase my storage space but also get some redundancy for backup going. I am planning on buying some new drives, but I want to try and optimize everything I want.

So far, I am leaning most towards buying 2 500GB SATA drives and putting them under RAID 1. Then I'll have 500GB storage (which should be perfect for me) that is backed up and sped up because of the RAID 1. However, then the 250 is kind of wasted.

I've thought up several other scenarios, but I want some fresh ideas of maybe things I haven't thought of yet. Thanks.