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November 27th, 2006, 03:30 AM
Installing Canon Printers on any Debian Distro using the Drivers from Canon Japan ?

You need libpng and libtiff, (newest versions) then in /usr/lib/ created symbolic links from libpng2 to the new version (repeat for libtiff)

1/ For the above do <apt-cache search libpng> to see what versions are available, same for libtiff . . . . .

2/ Get your rpms here . . . .ftp://download.canon.jp/pub/driver/bj/linux/ you'll need the cups interface + the corresponding rpm for your specific printer.

3/ Next, create .debs from the two rpm's (you need the 2.2.1 version for the 550i) <apt-get install alien>
<alien whatever.rpm>

4/ manually install the .debs <dpkg -i whatever.deb>

5/ Restart the cups server /etc/init.d/cupsys restart

6/ Check the installation of the above debs from a console by typing <bjfilterpixus550i> you should get the following output (but dont worry at this stage if you dont . . : )


7/ In fact at this stage you'll probably get an error message telling you libpng2 cant be found . . . I get round this by manually creating a symlink to my version of libpng (its in /usr/lib/) and calling my symlink libpng2

8 / Do the same for libtiff, keep trying <bjfilterpixus550i> untill you finally get the desired output above

9/ reinstall your .debs (step 4)

10/ switch off, and connect the dratted thing on the Printer-Port (I wonder if that requires a reboot) : )

11/ start up, and Access the cups admin on http://localhost:631

12/ IGNORE the option to install the "detected" printer these are all RED HERRINGS !!!. . .instead go to "add printer" . . . . and go thru the details . . . you MUST specify the LPT Port !!!!!!!!!!!!!

13/ In my case I had to specify a ppd file, they're in /usr/share/cups/model

Good Luck

Remember, once you've installed your .debs, you have to check to see if you created your symbolic links OK. . . . if your symlinks are not to the correct libraries, it'll let you know. . . . (unusually helpfull)