View Full Version : 1 hour long rant about Linux on SonicBase Radio

Patrick K.
November 11th, 2006, 08:11 AM
Last night I was slightly buzzing from a 24 pack of beer and I responded to a Listeners email from SonicBase Radio (my station). I have a recording of it (By default it records all shows from Live casts).

I'll upload it to my server and provide a link to it if you guys want to hear it. The audio quality stinks because I wasn't on the right computer when I did it. I had to filter the noise in Audacity so it's alright. I listened to my self this morning and I laughed...

The broadcast was sent to over 300 users on Shoutcast, BlingRadio, SonicBase WavePad and who ever else that was leeching off it.

It's an hour long rant about Linux vs Windows. Nothing flashy, just me getting hyper and more hyper as it gets to the end.

File size: 44.1 MB