View Full Version : Has Microsoft put us closer to 'information at your fingertips'?

November 7th, 2006, 03:04 PM
Reading an old book Bill Gates made entitled The Road Ahead, and thinking about his ideas for information at your fingertips which had been the root of most MS software like Encarta, IE, etc. , made me think about how genius the idea is and Bill is a very great thinker.

But then, I'm a linux user and after living out an MS-free for several years using ubuntulinux and firefox, I found out by using firefox and the wikipedia search add-on, google, youtube, altavista audio and deviantart that I really had information at my fingertips. RSS feeds made this even more possible with instant news from anyone each time you check your feed. After installing a double-click dictionary add-on, I can really feel it.

Now my question is this, to all Microsoft users out there, had you ever come close contact with this information-at-your-fingertips concept using present Microsoft products?

I've made a copy here, (http://qna.live.com/ShowQuestion.aspx?qid=752FF54AE3124B8DA30CC8BC431D AAEF) ubuntuers please do your best not to post there, it's for the other side of the realm. :)