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November 3rd, 2006, 06:15 AM
I just saw the "Teams" announcements.

I think the "Hardware Team" is too broad. It would be very nice for both that team's (prospective) members as well as for forum users to have that team has sub-teams.

So the hardware team would oversee:

Winmodem Team
Wifi Team
Video Card Team

Well, what did you expect from me: I gave the winmodem team the first place :P

anyway, you could add to this list as you see fit :)

It is especially nice because the basic thing the members of each of these teams will do is to search for basic keywords and answer to the results.

At one point, I was answering to posts after querying "modem" as keyword. It worked nicely. It's much easier to constantly screen the whole "Hardware" section of the forum ;) They will also be taking over some of the load of the "unanswered posts team" as their queries will hit on some of those for sure. I remember posting to year-old threads and getting replies to them from their OP.

Oh, and, such specialization will enable those team members to promote, write and fix documentation in their own areas. That, in turn, will benefit all Ubuntu users, not just those who frequent the forums.

November 3rd, 2006, 11:41 AM
Basically this would be the purpose of the hardware team leaders to specify how to structure the hardware team, this may include sub-teams.
So what i suggest you is to apply for hardawre team lead position if you didn't already, these kind of ideas may be good and we will hear all the team lead inputs.

For the moment i think it's a bit too early to discuss this.