View Full Version : My experience with finding an ogg music player

October 9th, 2006, 12:20 PM
I want to share my recent experience with finding an ogg compatible ogg media player. I am about to take trip in a few days and I don't have time to mail order. My in-car entertainment is going to be linux podcasts (24 hours with or 2gb). I have a 1gb Samsung ogg player that I purchased at Best Buy a year ago, but not enough space.

So, the task at hand is to purchase a 2gb ogg player at the local shops. I went to the major stores in my area (CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City). Unfortunately, the was only one ogg player (iRiver Clix 2gb), but I didn't like the reviews of this player. It was disappointing to see the lack of choice of ogg players in the local shops.

I came to the realization that these were my choices.

1. Mail-order a Cowon iAudio player - supports ogg, works with linux, $287 for a 60gb.

2. Buy an iPod and2. Buy an iPod and install RockBox on it - ubiquitous, lots of
add ons, good design.

Is there another option?

Thanks in advance for posting a reply.


October 9th, 2006, 02:03 PM
i doubt it. I would go with the iAudio...i wish i had lol.