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October 31st, 2004, 04:28 AM
Hi, liking Ubuntu but want to make a few suggestions for elements that need some polishing...

Three IRC clients?!? - Move X-Chat into Extras (or whatever Ubuntu calls it), GAIM or irssi will be fine for most people, and if they aren't it's easy enough to install with apt-get/Synaptic. X-chat also needs some serious UI work, so perhaps it isn't worthy of a default install.

Make the Trash applet work better - It's too small, and to easy too end up dropping stuff on the panel instead. There needs to be more visual feedback so you know you've got the right spot. It also might pay to make the panel like it is in Fedora and KDE, so the icon is bigger.

Move "Help" and "About Ubuntu" into "Computer" - They don't really make a whole lot of sense in Applications.

Replace the GNOME foot with the little Ubuntu icon - Having what appears to be two brands seems a little strange in a way.

Application handlers - These should exist by default, so far I have discovered both *.svg and *.deb to be in need of them, but there's probably more.

Non-US - Offer a non-US repo, like Debian that is enabled by the choice of timezone. Not everyone should be restricted by American patents.

Timezones - Make Evolution respect the timezone chosen at installation, and it would be cool if the weather applet automatically picked a city related to this and the language chosen.

Default e-mail, IM and perhaps more settings - This is more a freedesktop thing, but anyway, it would be great if e-mail and IM (and others, I just can't think of any right now) were centralised, so once you set up your e-mail, all programs respected it, so it only had to be set-up once. e.g., so after installation I could open up Evolution or Mutt and see my e-mail, without any additional configuration. There would also have to be a preference setting for this.

An update applet - Like the one in OS X; Synaptic is a pretty intimidating interface for this sort of thing, just being able to notify and install updates through an applet would be great. Could just be a front-end to apt-get upgrade on a cron job at the simplest level I suppose.

Make Epiphany the default - This is a subjective one I suppose, but Epiphany is my personal preference, and a damn good browser, IMHO. Firefox just doesn't integrate with GNOME very well as it stands and the only advantage I can think of is live bookmarks and extensions (which although Epiphany has, are few and far between).

Overall, Ubuntu is very promising, and it's good to see a graphical installer, Zeroconf and the sort of boot splash screen that is long overdue for Linux distros on the way. Also, any idea if printer auto-detection will be ready in HAL for the next release?

Lastly, compliments on the hardware detection - getting X to work on Debian on an Apple Emac was a nightmare under Debian - with Ubuntu it just works! :)


October 31st, 2004, 05:20 AM
Just thought of something else - it would by nice if Ubuntu would create several folders in the user's home directory, such as "Video", "Images", "Documents", "Audio" and "Downloads", then setting the appropriate applications to save to them by default. This is a huge aid when it comes to keeping everything organised.