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October 1st, 2006, 06:33 AM
Just got back from OLF an hour ago, and I must say it was awesome. There were a few delays, such as Jeff Waugh(The guy doing the thing about Ubuntu/Gnome) because of flight delays and all, and some of the people didn't even show up. Overall though, it was cool, and Maddog's keynote at the end about "Where do we go from here" was really good. Here's a list of all the cool stuff I got, there was more, but people seemed to run out before I saw them.

Gnu Hat(This is all I really paid for, $15)
2 ISUG Technical Journal
SuSE Linux Eval Server and Desktop pack
SuSE Flyer
2 Fedora Core 5 DVDs
Fedora Flyer
NetBSD Flyer
Freespire Linux CD
Sun Developer Network All Access Kit
Astaro Security info sheet
Lan for Life flyer
2 different ISUG t-shirts(I didn't particularly want them, but hey, free)
FSF Sticker
Gnu Sticker
2 TLLTS Stickers
Groundwork writing pad
Groundwork Light-up bouncy ball
Sybase ASE 15 Eval Copy(I didn't want it, but the case it was in is cool)
Sybase info sheet(I didn't want it but they basically threw it at me)
DeVry University Pen
yocolo.com pen
2 Sybase license plate frames(I didn't ask for all this stuff, honestly)

I'm thinking of trying fedora core for a bit on another computer that I have, just to get comfortable with using it, but I'm not exactly sure.

Thanks for reading all this, even though it's kinda long,
~Jordan Montgomery