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September 19th, 2006, 11:20 AM
This guide will get you through the basic setup of getting xmltv running so you can use it with ontv.

first things first... get on synaptics and get your programs.... look for ontv (applet) and xmltv (pearl script).

once installed open up a terminal and type the following:

Britain and Ireland tv_grab_uk_rt

Canada and United States tv_grab_na_dd, tv_grab_na

Germany tv_grab_de_tvtoday

New Zealand tv_grab_nz

Finland tv_grab_fi

Italy tv_grab_it

Spain tv_grab_es, tv_grab_es_digital

Netherlands tv_grab_nl, tv_grab_nl_wolf

Denmark tv_grab_dk

Hungary and Romania tv_grab_huro

Japan tv_grab_jp

Sweden tv_grab_se

France tv_grab_fr

Norway tv_grab_no

Portugal tv_grab_pt

Based on where you are type in the tv_grab command followed by --configure eg: tv_grab_na_dd --configure

this will take you through a configuration guide which will also make you register with a website to retrive the files from.

once that is finished retype your tv_grab based on your location followed by an output file name e.g.
tv_grab_na_dd --output (path and desired file name) eg /xmltv/listings/local.xml or listings.xml(failure to specify a path may cause the file to become unfindable)

once thats finished

you have the option of running tv_sort if your having program overlaps ect. ect. but if you have the wrong programs on all channels than you probably have the wrong area, or time zone (mine was off by an hour due to Daylight savings time)
the command would be as follows

tv_sort --output (name and path of output file) inputfile (replace inputfile with the path and name of the original download)

load your file in gotv and select the channeles to watch
your good to go so lets make a basic list of commands than:

tv_grab_xxxx --configure
tv_grab_xxxx --output XXXXXXXX.xml
tv_sort --output XXXXXXXX.xml XXXXXXXX.xml

this should do the trick\\:D/

March 27th, 2007, 02:42 AM
This tutorial was very helpful. Thanks. One thing, though - you keep referring to "gotv" in your post as opposed to "ontv" in your title... are these two different things?

May 6th, 2007, 07:41 AM
i should fix that. it realy is ontv.. not gotv

May 11th, 2009, 08:09 PM
When specifying the listings file, on my Jaunty (9.04) install I needed to manually create the destination folder if it did not exist.