View Full Version : Hi thinking of setting up a DVD thing in Canada

September 7th, 2006, 11:10 PM
I took a look at the amazon Ubuntu / Kubuntu DVD thing that is available in the USA. What I am wondering is the legality of burning DVD's in Canada and distributing them in Canada. There is a couple reasons for this. Thought the US Canadian exchange rate is pretty good right now it stills add up to a bit of extra cost. Disadvantage counting on the GST tax laws I might have to charge GST 6% tax. Anyways the advantages for shipping is what would make it worthwile. Post from the USA is ok but apperently if you use a courier you might end up getting a huge brokerage fee from ordering from the stats.

Mail and courier in Canada is pretty good and have half decent rates expecialy for something the size of a DVD.

Only thing that would scare me is if I get swampted for cds as this would be a dining room thingy.

Anyone have any information on this.

September 8th, 2006, 02:31 AM
There's already some distro disk companies in Canada.

In Ontario:


When I started playing with Linux I ordered several times from this one in British Columbia:

There probably are more. I just googled a bit for these cuz I knew of the BC one and knew there were others.