View Full Version : HOWTO: Reading newsgroups in Evolution 2.0

October 29th, 2004, 08:39 AM
Since Ubuntu does not ship Pan as default, I decided to go about learning to use Evolution to read USENET news.

Since I have seen various posts around the net asking how to do this, I decided to make a little howto, once I figured it out 8-)

1) Add a new account, where the servertype for recieving mail is USENET. If your normal mail server is myserver.org or mail.myserver.org, the news server probably resides on news.myserver.org.

2) In the Tools menu go to the "Subscribe to folder..." entry or what it is called in English (mine says "Abonnér pĺ mapper..." in Danish ) ;)

3) Select what you want to read about, and click the "Send/Recieve" button in the toolbar.

Good luck,