View Full Version : Synaptic Tucows type rating system

September 4th, 2006, 07:51 PM
Hi I thought of something interesting for synaptic and was not shure if this is the right place to post.

Anyways what I was thinking is having something similar to tucows software rating for packages in synaptic so that people would be able to rate software packages. I would not go as far as hiving a multiple star system as this might not work. However a star number rating might work


Now a lot of packages might not benifit from this but there is certain packages that might expecially games etc. There are probably better ways to do something like this but this may be the easiest to impliment and maintain. Also the rating system is based on end user imput which may be very benificial for example say there is a game with a vaig description say the car game torcs where a viewer has no idea what it is other than doing a web seach. For this game I would say give a :KS5 or a :KS10, some other statictics might also help like having the ability to see how many people rated or even downloaded this game just as an example. Basicly it boils down to having statictics available for the end user where they might come to a informed decition to try a particular program out of not.